Monday, January 10, 2011

Where Does Your Competence Come From?

Today is the day!

I am going solo...solo with my new babe today that is. After a week and a half of help from each grandmother, three weeks of my hubby being off of work and two weeks of support from some sweet friends making meals for is just me today.

Although there may be no physical help today.
I do know where my help comes from...thank you Lord!

Aaaahhh...I seem to be vacilating between feelings of contementment and feelings of panic.

How can that be? I've done this before, I am capable...aren't I??

I'm thinking about competence this morning and wondering where we get this feeling...or this tangible thing called competence.

Is it a fake it until you make it kind of thing? Or is there a set way to acquire it?

Where do you acquire your competence?

Please tell me where you find it and post a comment below.

I have some ideas and am going to ponder this while I'm feeding, changing and cleaning today.


chris said...

My competence comes from God alone!! He is my source of strength and self-worth :)

J-Girl said...

Chris, Yes it does...Only He can make us a COMPETENT 'SUPERSTAR!'