Friday, October 9, 2009

"Wallah!" on the Wall

There are many mornings that I wake up with my mind spinning—like a Bingo cage spitting out the number of things that I must remember to do in just a few short hours. Then…”Wallah!” Something supernatural happens in the surroundings of my heart and I am able to see and hear differently.

I frankly despise the moments in my life when I hear someone else yell out, “Bingo,” and I am tempted to sulk in despair and defeat. I am one who rejoices with others crying out in celebratory joy and would be the first to dance in their joy; so determinedly, I CHOOSE differently. I admit the tempting thought but choose to lay down the sulking of my heart and choose love because I know the love of the Maker of this game!

Thankfully, today is not one of those tempting moments of defeat for me, but I am recognizing the antidote that God has graciously been pouring into my heart for many months now. I’m sitting still before my God and allowing Him to look over my days’ game pieces. Sip by sip from my warm mug and bit by bit from the words of truth and love digested from the pages of scripture the Bingo cage in my mind disappears.

As I gaze to the West avoiding the blinding morning rays, I’m reminded of the truth that I too am well planted like the trees along my fence line. He has hemmed me in and watered me perfectly. My Master’s hands were not afraid to get dirty and actually bled profusely so that I could abide.

Higher and higher the sun rises from the East casting rays of warmth onto the still quiet leaves. Oh, how brilliantly God’s love radiates off of His sweet precious creation. As I bask in the brilliance of our Maker it is not too long before I see His light casting a shadow of His precious creation. It’s like the trees have multiplied instantaneously. The wind begin to stir causing a chorus of rustling leaves around me, beckoning my heart and eyes to see and my ears to hear, “Go….let God’s light shine and cast a shadow on another today.”

Who will you be divinely planted next to today? Will someone need to rest in the shadow of the Almighty? Will someone need comfort found in the coolness of your shadow? Will someone feel comfortable in your shadow and then need you to strategically duck so that they can experience the Comforter? Whichever plans God has for you today may you first capture the warmth of His love in your heart and then enjoy fully the loving shadows He casts of you throughout the day.

John 15:1-17, Psalm 23:6, Psalm 34:5, Psalm 139:5, Psalm 91:1, 1John 4:19, Isaiah 60:5

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Before I went away for the weekend I was reminded of my youngest son’s obsession with band-aids and how he enjoys using the entire box of band-aids to create his own masterpiece…a football pad of sorts to prevent his oweeees from hurting any more. In chuckling at my son’s childish ways, I also sense God nudging me to realize how often I too want to reach for that box of band-aids. The hurts in my life seem to revolve more around my bleeding heart and it is not pleasant to have the same wound injured over and over again. Yet, I sense the Lover of my soul has some kind of redemption in mind every time this world fails me and my heart is crushed.
With my heart hurt again and again—I have come to the end of myself and realized that I cannot be the Protector of my heart. Without realizing it, I’ve tried to allow others to be the Protector—maybe they displayed some sort of physical or spiritual badge of honor and appeared wiser than I with no avail. Praise God no one has ever been able to take care of this heart…not even my own tender hands.
So, as I throw away yet another empty band-aid box I quietly pray to my God and surrender this heart of mine. Whether I bleed profusely or work through unbearable pain I will keep walking…or keep riding as my oldest son showed me he can do.
You see just yesterday on a bike ride with my boys I watched as my little lover of band-aids pointed out the fact that his older brother was in desperate need of a band-aid with blood running down his leg. My oldest son was not bothered with it one bit and just simply said to his little brother, “It’s okay, God will take care of it.” (He likely gathered we had no band-aids with us neither on the ride nor at home…but I also trust that God has a hold of his young heart and God wanted to speak to me too).
I couldn’t agree more—all of our hearts are capable of both experiencing and inflicting pain on those around us and if we just entrust our little hearts to God….He will take care of it! I'm gonna rip off these band-aids and ENTRUST my heart to the One who made won't be 'ouchless' but it will be a journey full of redemption and healing nonetheless.
I also know I won't be able to care 100% for the hearts around me--but I will give it my best effort with His love propelling me! Lord, please bless Johnson&Johnson's efforts but this heart needs SOMEONE bigger...more like GOD-AID! GOD-AID surely helps heal me!