Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just realized it is February 29th--this day won't be around for another 4 years!!

Today is actually a day to celebrate some great LEAPS in the Lane Family...that's all it takes sometimes, just a LEAP to start something new!  We were created for new things...

1.   On February 29th, 16 years ago, I was asked to be a bride-AND not just anyone's bride, but Justin Lane's bride!  Yep it was leap year and Justin got down on one knee...awww!  It was a precious day--that marked God beginning something new...our family.

2.    On February 29th, just today, I leaped into something new and figured out how to get the Girlfriendit Tab the team emailed me and attached it to my blog--yay!  *Notice the lovely logo to the right of  my blog*  This logo marks God sending me a gift  of something new--in the form of remarkable women rallying my heart, to love and yes-LEAP!

3.    On February 29th, I learned and watched video-proof of my boy WALKING!  Yep, he has taken the next leap...(please pray for me).  He is doing something NEW!

HAPPY LEAP DAY! It's February 29th, and after reading with some fabulous women last night the parable of the 10 brides--we talked about preparing to meet our King...Have you made that leap? What are you leaping toward today, this year?

Just as this day only comes around every four years--sometimes an opportunity only comes around that often--what are you going to do this year that is a LEAP for you?

Please share a way you want to LEAP into tomorrow?  A leap outside of the box?  A leap into something new, perhaps?

Are you prepared to leap princess?  

Will you leap on down to the comment box and share with us?

If you are not sure, take a leap and post and ask for prayer, I would love to connect with you and pray for God's plan for you princess!

Off to go chase some little feet but I will be checking back in...HAPPY LEAPING PRINCESS!

Monday, February 27, 2012

A New Filling!

My heart is turned to newness this morning.  It’s a new day, a new week, and almost a new month!  For one of my boys it’s a ‘new nine’ after he had his birthday this weekend.  And 2 Cor 5:17 says that if we are in Christ, we are a new creation. 

Since I lasted posted I left you with my desire to keep walking; and while doing just that this past weekend with my youngest boy, I heard the Lord speak to my heart.  

As my little guy turned around in his seat he beckoned with the tone of his cry and the handing me of his cup to fill it up!  He did not understand that I had nothing to fill it with at the moment and I was struck at his persistence.  He continually kept turning around to hand me his cup so I was able to capture this moment. 

I caught on that he was trusting me to fill his cup and expecting me to do it—right then and there.  As I realized this, I heard from the recesses of my own heart,”Give me your empty cup—each time and I will fill it!” 

Is there something that is empty that needs filling in your life, in your heart? Maybe you need to be filled with a fresh perspective, or filled with a fresh word of encouragement.

Let’s encourage one another to seek Him and ask Him to fill us! 

How do you seek Him and be filled?

For it was I, the LORD your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.”  Psalm 81:10

So how do you seek God?  What does that look like for you? 

Have you experienced God’s rescuing…maybe you’ve been healed, removed from a situation or simply free from emotional pain from your past circumstances?

Have you experienced God filling you with good things? 

I would love for you to share your experiences—I know—I can almost hear the groans! Why is it so uncomfortable for us to share our experiences?  Do we fear sounding foolish or inadequate or even boastful or prideful?  Let’s BREAK FREE!   I would love to hear how God has filled you recently!

We were meant to learn from one another’s experiences and rather than just share with you this little picture of my boy and how His actions reminded my heart to seek Him to fill me, I also see purpose in my asking you to share your own experience!

I did not grow up walking with God and until I started asking people how they walked and recognized their emptiness and sought our God to fill them; I never knew what exactly to look for— 

Your heart and your experiences encourage me—YES yours!  And I know that your courage will bless another heart too! 

Maybe we can just do something NEW today.  Looking forward to hearing from you and rejoicing in how God has filled you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beloved Walking

Sin!  How do you define it?  Can we go a day without it?  These questions arose amongst a circle of fabulous women this week—

What do you think?  Can we go a day without sin?  I have my own thoughts, but I’m curious what yours might be….I’m not one to stir things up, but I’m curious what your thoughts might be…

Hmmmm…a sinless day….maybe on a REALLY GOOD day when I get to sleep in and take lots of naps-ha! 

While meditating on this thought of a sinless day, a scripture is ringing in my head.  Jeremiah 6:16 states, “Stand at the crossroad and look, ask for the ancient paths,; ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”  

I remembered a former life coach reminding me that sometimes, standing and asking are the easy part; but walking—well, walking can be difficult, especially in a world where we are bound to face pain and be wounded in some way. 

When we are tired or injured, surely walking takes more energy out of us.  Earlier this week I heard a pastor talk about doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly…and the fact that we can’t do or love without first walking humbly. 

I don’t know the answers—but I’m rejoicing in being right here in this place to absorb God’s love and learn to walk.

I wasn’t walking—but driving and God showered me with a message and maybe you need to hear it too. 

I heard on the radio, artist Jason Gray sharing the story behind his song Remind Me Who I am. Gray talked about sin and being entangled in it and realizing that in the midst of sin he had forgotten that He was God’s beloved.  (My heart skips a beat saying I am God’s beloved).

Could this be at the core of our sinful acts?  Do we NOT know or believe how treasured we are and thus attempt to demonstrate just how worthy we are, only to find ourselves knee deep, and entangled in sin.  Sometimes sin we are not even aware of…those unconscious acts that we may think are right and loving—but really our selfishness is marked all over the loving act. 

Do we really grasp just how loved we are?  I read these words found on Jason Gray’s blog,  and listened to his video Remind Me Who I am…they sent my heart blazing

There is that parable where Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God being like a man who, having found a treasure in a field, sold everything he had in order to buy the field and gain the treasure. I was always taught that I was the man in the story who needed to give up everything in order to “gain” the Kingdom of God.

Andrew Peterson pointed out to me years ago that in the other parables surrounding this one, the “man” in the story was always God.

What if God cast himself as the man in this parable, too?

Is he the one who gave everything he had in Jesus in order to recover us?

Could it be that we are God’s treasure?

When I’m tempted by sin these days, I can feel beneath it a desire to feel worthy and loved.

This desire tells me that I’ve forgotten who I am and need reminding.

I’m learning to run to the only one who can tell me, the One who carved my name in the palm of His hand and gave everything he had so I could be His.

It is heady and humbling at the same time to be so highly regarded by One so worthy. It makes a difference.”

So , what do you think?  Do you allow yourself to ask questions, do you allow others around you to ask questions?  Does His love make a difference?  Do you think we can go a day without sinning?

Do you believe that you are God’s treasure?

I wrestle with thoughts like these and embrace questions that send us running after Jesus.  I want to know more about Him and His love for me….I do!

I sense God bringing my heart to grasp afresh His mercy, His grace, His love....I’m learning….

Do you know you are His beloved?  Are you walking as His beloved

What truths, scriptures, stories, people, relationships encourage your walking? 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts…but until then—I’m going walking.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Aware of the Cats!

Yes, I am thankful for the Cats in my life…and I’m not talking about felines!  To understand where I got the incling to call people in my life Cats, listen to this last Girlfriendit Radio Show titled, Surviving Life and hear Sandy Tremp share her story. 

What a clever little name to give the people in our lives  who God has used as a catalyst  to move us forward.  

Are you aware of the Cats in your life? 

God makes me aware of these Cats when I spend time with Him and one way I spend time with Him with a toddler at home, is during my afternoon walks.  This last week, God has been showering me with little whispers of His love, and they all echoed through the trees during my afternoon walks.  My eyes have gravitated towards the beautiful trees in our neighborhood. 

This is one of my favorite trees.  The leaves were actually red in the fall and leaves changing is a foreign thing in the Arizona dessert.  Right now, these trees are full of beautiful white flowers. 

About half a dozen line the path just a few feet out my front door and as the days go by, I have watched the white flakes of the blossoms cover the sidewalk as if it were snowing. 
This reminded me of a scripture in Isaiah that talks about us being washed white as snow…a scripture I heard while at a retreat and it actually snowed in late spring. 
Karie, Chris, Cameo, Deb and I
Then another day a storm rolled through and I was racing my boys off to football practice driving through the neighborhood watching the flakes flutter with the wind across the street reminding me of the gifts we have been given from God are meant to flow freely to cross the paths of another and I was reminded to pray for a dear, sweet, new friend. 
Then, now after being so very aware of the Cats in my life as I walk and remember other times I went for walks being aware of the trees, sometimes as a little girl, sometimes as a lost teenager and sometimes as a hurt adult woman…there God has always whispered.  With each walk and small part of my journey, He has drawn my heart to see the tree that I am as described in Jeremiah 17:7-9.
Sometimes things happen, sometimes people are abusive, sometimes people are unaware, and sometimes I just need to learn to give God the heartaches and pain so that I can grow.  And isn’t that just what a Cats purpose is…to bring about change—with each Cat in my life, God has used them to make me that much more fruitful!  I've learned about boundaries, mercy and grace along the way--both for myself and to extend to others--and I'm still learning.

I took this picture weeks ago when I was struck with how stoic this bird sat perched on the branch of this tree, and God has brought it to my mind frequently. 
You see, a few trees down the path, a handful of birds were flying away as I walked down the path, startled by my approaching feet.  But this bird sat still—unmoved even as I drew closer to capture this amateur photo. 
Something in me wants to be like this bird—unmoved by the noise of life, chaotic situations and relationships with Cats.

I have a feeling this bird has allowed the Cats in her life to roam in and out of her life, knowing she can soar.  We have wings to soar GIRLFRIEND!!! 
I needed to remind myself of this fact this week.  Do you need to be reminded too?

What keeps you stuck in the pain? 
What helps you remember those wings?

God’s Word and even the very study I wrote and have published as an eBook are speaking to me this week.  In Matthew 4:11, right after Jesus rebuked the enemy with God’s Word, it says, “angels came and attended him.”  I’m reminded that I too am going to be thrown arrows from the enemy and he unfortunately knows what has wounded me in the past, and he loves to inflict old wounds.  I must consistently refute the arrows from the enemy and fight through the pain with God’s truth.  It is here that my heart is light and I see my ability to soar…not just surviving but thriving! 
Let’s practice together, Allen McCray also encouraged the listeners on Girlfriendit Radio  to make a list of what is true—turn that desire to compare your list with mine or anyone else’s and I will resist this temptation too--but let’s just share with the purpose of spurring one another on to see what is true! 
I will start and I will be looking to hear what you have to say too.  Ready-set-go! 
I AM LOVED…WORTH DYING FOR and WORTH the effort to be spoken to!
(These past weeks it's been in the trees...hmmm possibly, for the purpose of casting my eyes above to see the heights as to which He wants me to soar)!

*Come on...don't be shy, share your truth and let's thrive--even amongst the Cats in our life!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Truth to Match: A Valentine Message

 “That was for you!” My boy grinned and explained that his winning touchdown was for me—an act of greatness to demonstrate his love for me.

This all came on the heels of last week’s defeat which broke my heart.  My mom even explained to me the heart-wrenching emotions that over took her while watching our new littler quarterback throw an interception, leading to a score for the other team.  I prayed for my boy while standing on the sidelines, adament about my request for God to flood my boy with confidence that He is loved amidst this defeat.  “You fill Him Lord!” 
My mom had tears in her eyes as she told me she had emotions flood to the surface while watching my boy courageously hold back tears and asked, “Why do we have to wrestle with such difficulties in this life.”
It’s hard to watch another struggle through pain isn’t it?    

As my mom and I talked I couldn’t help but share this nudge in my heart and I believe God was bringing my heart to realize something.  I could think that this thought came from my own mind—but I choose and am choosing to believe each time a piece of truth comes to my mind, that it is God reaching out to me. 
Similar to what is depicted in Isaiah 30:19-21 (Go read these verses—they are treasures!)  Ha!  Verse 22 is even a little funny—away with the thoughts and feelings that can come associated with a certain time of the month. (Please smile with me and say Away with you!--all for the purpose of leaning more into God and His truth)
Let’s not be embarrassed to share these moments where God nudges and we see glimpses of His love.  Let's write them down, journal them, blog about them, and talk about them.

I heard God whisper and encouraged my mom to write this in her journal, for right now she is embarking on her own troublesome journey.  As I thought about God and His love being nothing like the selfish love my biological father demonstrated, I heard, “If you are feeling so much love and compassion for your new little quarterback, imagine the love and compassion that I have for you.” 
I then remembered more of that moment and how I wanted to rush in and rescue my boy; but thank goodness I left my super woman cape at home.  I chose to pray instead and God commented,  “I too want to rush in and rescue you—and ultimately I have—I’ve given you victory.”

I watched my boy glance over to the sidelines to see us all continuing to cheer him on and God commented, “I too am cheering him and you on, I will never fail you!” 
Watching my boy persevere on the field stirs my heart to do the same.

 Do you keep going even when you don’t feel like it?
Sometimes, it is easy to feel like our efforts are hopeless—my heart has been wounded and with no father figure to model the way for me, and there have been other people in my life who have failed me too.  Because of pain in my life, I have struggled with doubt and discouragement.  Some days I do good relying on the love God has for me, and other times I struggle with letting go of the painful situations in my life and the feelings linger.   

I have never found victory by following my feelings.  The good days and victories come for me when I surrender to God (accept His love and trust Him, claim His truth for myself and forgive others.) 
My feelings do eventually catch up when I choose His path and forgive those who have come along my path. 

Want a fresh perspective on letting go?  Go here and listen to an inspiring story about forgiveness shared on Girlfriendit Radio. 

While cheering on the football field, I have witnessed God’s megaphone in my own ear…helping make the complex simple for my heart.  Just before the game, my boy gave me my birthday present...a box of heart-shaped earrings-one for every color of the rainbow.   “I picked these because you can wear them with every outfit, Mom!” *Deep silent breath, inhaling the love, exhaling the pressure and expectation*

So thoughtful, isn't he?  Well, as I chose these purple ones and put them on to match my boy’s jersey, in that moment my heart recognized the need to choose truth and put it on to match!
In recent months when I wasn’t chosen for a job, I reminded myself that I am chosen by God.
My dad discouraged the whole little girl princess stuff growing up, but I remind myself today that I have a high calling of princess work for my King.
On days that I feel blah, I remind myself that I am treasured and beautifully and wonderfully made.
(1 Peter 2:9, Eph 2:10, Psalm 139:14)

 So, just as I wear the earrings to show my boy how grateful I am for his gift…I’m going to wear God's truth today and show my God just how grateful I am for His gift!
What truth goes with your feeling today? 
Will you please share with us what you are wearing today, a girl always can use some new ideas to coordinate with what's in her closet, right?!?! 
Let's think of it as God’s own little valentine message for our hearts today…and then choose to give our own valentine in return.  *Can't wait for what you have to share*

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I chuckled to myself when I got home from Bible Study the other night and saw that one of my boys wrote a little note in response to my first note to him and the rest of my boys.

As I smiled and let the love of my boy sink in, I felt God whisper to me, "Yes, let My Love sink in."

I haven't always had a heart to ask for help...either from others, my boys, and especially not from God.  But I am learning as I take little baby steps, what it means to walk humbly with my King.  Hmmmm...we don't have to get it just right before we take those first steps, do we?  We have the freedom in Christ to take those 'freedom baby steps.'  (Want to be encouraged to take some FREEDOM STEPS...check out this album another princess is debuting soon).

Do you need help?
Do you ask others for help?
Do you ask God for help?

I have definitely been that kind of wife, mother and friend in recent years that did not need help, for I felt that I could take care of things best on my own.  If I asked for help I used to feel that I was fully displaying all of my weakness and fraility for all to see--and who wants to display weakness.  (Ah, yes, but when we are weak, You are strong (1 Cor 4:10). 

Can you relate?

This week in my studying...please feel free to join me and others on the Princess Path and let me know if you want to join in on the studying 1 John, we are just beginning Chapter 2 and you can get my eBook here...we just talked about God being our help.

As I stare at the words penned by my boy, I also think of the words God inspired others to pen and I know God is with me in spirit and encouraging me to ask for help. 

Do these scriptures stir your heart like they do mine?

"Now go, I will help you..." (Exodus 14:12)

"There is no one like the God of Jeshurun, who rides on the heavens to help you and on the clouds in his majesty. (Numbers 33:26)

"For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you."  (Isaiah 41:13)

Who is your help?  How do you ask for help?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Clean And Cute!

Does your life look or feel messy?  Yesterday was a messier day than usual for me and I even tweeted this picture of my son.  I titled this picture of him and is smeared spaghetti tray, “It’s been a messy day!”

I thought a lot yesterday about how messy life can be.  In the middle of the muck of life, it is easy to feel like we can’t get cleaned up—hopelessness can set in at any given time and thoughts of change exhaust even the most driven princess. 
I realized this morning that God was speaking to me through my messy day and He rocked my heart this morning as He breathed life into my heart.  His words of truth are echoing now as I type, “You are already clean.”  And as I work through my 1 John study He is highlighting this truth even more!

Click here
Are you studying God’s Word?  Are you plugged in with a group of girlfriends?  I encourage you to get connected and meet face to face with some gals around you; but if for some reason you can’t—I invite you to check out my study here and get connected with me and other girls on the Princess Path.  There are almost of a dozen of us on this specific journey right now and I will be sharing more of my heart these coming weeks as I venture on this journey with some new girlfriends.  Just click on the picture to the right and it will direct you to Amazon to download my eBook.  Then visit with me here and let me know that you are studying with us—I would love to pray for you each week!
So, in today’s study we read Hebrews 9:14 and 22 and the word cleans jumped off of the page for me.  I share the meaning of the Greek word in my study and write—“all the mistakes, all the regrets, all the dirtiness that life brings, He can wash away.” 
I realize how much the world has taught me otherwise.  Even the very people God has placed over me in my life, other well-meaning people just have managed to communicate either by their words, or lack of words and just their simple actions have left me with thoughts close to my heart, “You are not good enough,” or “I see your messiness and until you get it together, you have no worth.”  As a child I remember feeling like my good always needed to be better when words of affirmation were often withheld.  Over time, my heart was left feeling dirty, inadequate and without hope and I couldn’t really explain these feelings--I just know I felt this way deep inside.  I struggled with feeling clean and good.  Do you struggle with feeling good enough in this messy world?

Remember this picture I said I tweeted, I got several comments back with just the word ‘CUTE!’   I have to say, I agree with the comments, for as I snapped the picture of my messy boy, I was thinking about how cute he was and he was just so proud to be feeding himself and enjoying every second of messiness.  As I glanced again at the picture I heard God whisper, “How cute you are in your messiness.  And just as you are cleaning him up—I do the same for you…You are clean and cute!”

You are clean and cute too girlfriend!  I pray you make time to chat with our King today and hear His whispers for yourself.  Feel clean and cute!  Because He has already made us clean and cute!
Want to be inspired by another’s journey with God that brought about clean and cute amidst a messy life?  Bryon and Julie Widner will be sharing their redemptive story on Girlfriendit Radio today…can’t wait to hear from this former skin head and his wife and how God transformed their lives with His love.  Come listen with me and then let me know what you thought of the show?