Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Critters are Hungry

Clickity, Clack—slurp-chomp! My quick strokes on the key board were interrupted by noises coming from—my not so little any more—kitty, who was devouring my lunch that I left sitting on the table. Ugggh!!!
I quickly jotted on my grocery list “kitty food,” and proceeded to finish writing and then was reminded of what we thought this little kitty might have eaten…
Oh, the drama in a house with critters and boys full of wild imaginations. And the bigger the critter the louder their jaws go a smackin--why can't they eat like cute little ladybugs? Furby, my boys’ pet hamster was quite the escape artist in his early days and low and behold he was missing again…
My boys quickly came up with the culprit in his escape and investigated the cat’s belly…surely our cat who loved to lounge like Jerry next to Furby’s cage all the while staring and salivating at the hamster's every move.
I didn’t tell my boys; but I actually prayed silently that Furby would be found soon or if we did not find him--he would be dead in kitty’s belly. Now, don't send the pet police to my home please--I only don't want to find him dead in the corner of some dark closet space--I don't think I could handle the order or the sight.
Then to our surprise this morning…noises were coming from the cage. An unharmed--tail and limbs intact Furby was playing and eating safely in his cage. Dad must’ve found him I thought to myself but the boys mustered up again an epic adventure of Furby finding his way back home to eat. “He must be hungry!” My boys exclaimed.
All this drama made me actually grin a little and led me to ponder the question, "What am I hungry for?"
Now that I’ve retrieved my lunch back from the cat (yes, I still did eat what was left…I too was hungry). I chomped and chewed--like a lady of course-- and thought a little deeper beyond the food I was enjoying. I realized that down somewhere in my bones there was a deep-seeded hunger for healing, restoration, and redemption!
In my life right now, so many are having to endure--endure chemotherapy…endure emotional pain from the loss of a loved one-loss of a relationship…endure stresses from financial hardships.
As I reflect on these trials that all people endure during this lifetime, I am also nudged to remember...especially during this week leading up to Easter, the particular hardships and pain which Christ endured.
I’m clinging to Jesus’ words…and finding such comfort—such food for my hunger…”Yet, I am not alone, for my Father is with me. I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:32-33).
I feel a question rising up inside of me..."What are you hungry for?" And my sweet Jesus's words come to mind again, these words in ways I cannot explain...bring me peace and satisfy.
“Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied.” (Luke 6:21)
When I find myself running either free in a spacious place or in my own hamster wheel of life, I will remember where I call home and embrace my Father's Words!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just In Time to Dream

“God does everything just right and on time, but people can never completely understand what He is doing.” (Ecc 3:11 NCV) This promise I've read in God’s Word, written in my journal, and now tonight at just the right time- they fill my mind and bring peace.
It's late...late for me to be writing; but the week has been full with my boys on Spring Break-in other words my writing time has been squeezed out by games, legos, baseball practice and more games-and I need to get this post written in time...I will tell you why in just a bit...

If you know me, you know that my God given passion is to connect women both to the heart of God and with one another. At first, God showed me this as I taught Christian aerobics classes, then by Mom’s groups and Bible studies and now there are all kinds of ways God is opening the door for me to utilize this gift of connecting and inspiring women towards the heart of God and the heart of other women.

In addition to speaking at various functions to encourage and inspire women with the redemptive life story God has given me, I also teach an Elementary Sunday School class with my husband; serve along side other servants at Mending the Soul; I have written 2 Bible Studies, and am now halfway complete with a book which God has placed on my heart titled “Ladybugs On the Beach.”
God has placed this book on my heart…a book inspired by my search of God through the scriptures and finding Him everywhere…including on the beach where I received the gift of many ladybugs. My desire is to be transparent in this life and allow people to see both the highs and lows of walking this life holding Jesus' hand. It all came together for me one spring day when God brought many ladybugs along with whispers of His love to me on the beach…and it ends—well you will just have to wait and find out!

When can you find out? I wish I had a date for it to be published but I don’t have the details yet and that is where I feel God reminded me of She Speaks; when I saw this scholarship opportunity offered by Cecil Murphy.

I first heard of SheSpeaks Conference a few years ago and dreamed of attending with a friend of mine who also enjoys writing. And then again last year I was reminded of it and could not find anything like it closer to me and asked the women who were attending my Bible Study last year to pray with me about attending last year and well—dare I use the phrase which seems to be becoming a cliche…’this economy.’ The amount for the conference plus airfare for me to get there is a hefty amount for my one income family right now; but I trust that if this is the next step…God will provide.

The She Speaks Conference is for speakers, writers and women ministry leaders and equips them to do the work God has placed on their heart. I am interested in all three aspects of this conference with recent doors opening to speak, write and cultivate a cohesive God-fident team of women which God has called to “bring good news to the oppressed, to bind up the broken-hearted.” (Isaiah 61:1) God has wired me for this and I am so hungry for the tools to propel me forward.

God has brought me to a spacious-wide open place where I have been free to dream…I am
trusting that He is leading me to paths of righteousness for his name’s sake (Psalm 23:3) and maybe…just maybe this path includes She Speaks 2010.
I encourage you to do the same...dare to dream and embrace whatever it is that God has before you...He does everything just right and on time! Speaking of time...I need to get to bed...and if you want to join me and enter to win 1 of 3 scholarships just click here. Hurry the deadline is NOW March 26, 2010!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Excerpt to Glorify the Reason Behind the Enthusiasm

Then while at the beach, after soaking my mind and body with some strong coffee and God's Word, I went for a run and with each foot-pound on the sand I was crying out to God with my desires and needs to be rid of the stress/emotions and just be FREE! Now, this morning as I piece together this chapter I’m not at the beach…it’s rather poetic that the rain is coming down with the window next to me fogged up and scattered with rain droplets. A concerto of rain droplets seem to be gathering on the rooftop—and just hours earlier I spent time reading and praying for a dear sweet friend who is walking through her own dark valley of chemotherapy this morning... JOEY I LOVE YOU!!!
I know the situation and hurt that I was experiencing before I walked on the beach with God that Spring day was not uncommon to any man and it was not something that would make the evening news—but it surely brought stress and emotions up inside of me that resonated with a time when my situation actually did make the evening news. Tragedy is tragedy no matter how you look at it.
And what a tragedy it is if we think that in our pain that God has left us…during the dark moments of this life I have learned to cling to what the Lord says in Isaiah 49:15…”I will not forget you!” In life’s busy moments it is so easy to go day-to-day and moment-by-moment and not realize that God is with us. For me it was not something that I grew up learning about and that makes me sad. Yet, for me—I have sensed something deep within me wondering and dreaming about an ALL Powerful God. I can remember being a young girl staring out the window on a lazy Spring day watching the clouds roll through and somewhere deep within me the words rose up “Why am I here? What am I here for?” I was just a normal kid and that moment where I pondered those words and even questioned where they came from—surely those words were not mine…but that memory is etched in my mind. I grew up never realizing that God was teaching me and leading me with cords of human kindness and ties of love. (Hos 11:4) And this I know is true—He does not just do this for me…I so desire for all to realize God’s healing hand in their life and may we take the time to celebrate these moments and honor God.
*I would love to hear about God’s healing hand in your life; please take the time to honor God and share this with me by posting a comment on my blog at or email me via Facebook and I can post your story anonymously and maybe even quote you in my book ;-)
*Maybe you don't like to write but you paint like my friend (she painted the picture I posted above)...please share as you feel compelled to, in whatever way God leads you to share. Maybe a scripture or two that you have clung to during a past valley.
And my dear friends, if the rain is coming down in your life like it is literally in mine; and you are needing encouraging prayers to lift you up in a current dark valley; please don't be afraid to share that with me as well. I will pray for you and remind you and point out to you that God is with you; just as my girlfriend who is miles away reminded me this morning when I was sad that I was not there to hold her hand...I cherish her text "You r here. I hold you in my heart!"
God, thank you for carrying us in your heart!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Intimacy in the Dark Valleys

Intimacy in the dark valleys…is it possible? It’s Spring Break a time of rest and relaxation and I’m pondering the words penned by the Psalmist David and reflecting on previous dark valleys in my life. I’ve been quiet and have not posted much on my blog with time spent with my kiddos and only writting bits and pieces between me and God these past couple of weeks.
Right now I'm stuck on what is slotted as Chapter 7 of the book I’ve been inspired to write. Stuck for various reasons and I’ve been through more Kleenex than I want to admit as I write and rewrite.
I just can’t deny my God’s hand on my life…especially during the writing of this book. I got a phone call the other night from a dear sweet friend—she is like a sister to me and although miles separate us; we have never stopped connecting through phone calls and prayers and I treasure the vacations our families have spent together through the years. She just happens to be one of the first to encourage me to write and follow the Lord’s promptings to write this book…I want to be careful in not sharing too much of her story for her own privacy…but my dear sweet sister is facing her own dark valley right now and my thoughts and prayers are beyond overwhelming for her during this time and I am finding it so hard to see joy through my tears.
I’m yielding to the One who knows all things and has the power to do all things…my Lord I trust you during this dark time where my heart aches for my sweet sister. I praise you Father for somehow there is still a glimmer of faith, hope and love in my heart because I know You have accomplished all that consumes this heart of mine in this current dark valley…I SHOUT praises of You MY LORD even through these tears. (Psalm 138:8 NAS)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Smile BIG!

{Deep Breath} A breath of fresh air! It seems like so long since I’ve been able to really sit down to have time to reflect and write. I am resisting writing out again all the little things that have been happening recently in my life (mostly not to bore myself again) which have kept me from this moment and choosing to rejoice that I am here!
Alleluia! I’m feeling refreshed, partly because of my nice walk in the sunshine, partly because of the reading I did while lying in our hammock; but mostly because of the encouragement I read in God’s Word today and the dots He guided me to and helped me connect along the way. He surely has been guiding me to paths of righteousness because He loves me; (Psalm 43:3-4) and I write with excitement knowing that He does the same for all of us and I hope that my writing will help someone notice His love.
While lying in the hammock I realized that I haven’t swept the patio since our last rain storm; God reminded me that it was okay; that He had not done any cleaning up yet either…for the puddles were still there and stuck to the concrete was damp dirt and wet leaves. Somehow I seemed to hear God whisper that things are just the way they need to be. Will you embrace it? Will you let it be?
Tears began to well up in my eyes because I know I did not have the next memory flash before me without pure sweet intentions from my God. Just this morning I noticed a little girl on her Daddy’s shoulders walking towards the school in our neighborhood. I realized that this was a scene I actually had seen often; but my eyes were drawn to them and in particular to the Dad’s great BIG smile.
At that moment I was interrupted by a conversation between my boys on the way to school; but later that afternoon while resting in my hammock above the ground where God clearly had left some leaves to stick He also left a picture in my mind to stick.
I am loved! I am cherished! My Daddy desires to lift me up on His great big shoulders and show anyone willing to notice…I love her…look at her…she is mine!
I recognized as I could not stop the flow of tears that I have no problem telling the world about my Daddy…for I am one proud daughter of a King…but I am not used to embracing the love and being lifted up with my Daddy smiling proud. Complex thought I know…
The only way I know how to relate to this love is remembering being a little girl resting on my dad’s 6’4” shoulders and it was scary…so scary being so high off of the ground and frankly my dad scared me in numerous other ways…I know he loved me; but he also hurt me. I forgive my dad…I do; the Holy Spirit has filled me with forgiveness and love for him that I never knew existed and now…
I know that my Heavenly Father desires for me to embrace Him and His love like nothing else I’ve ever known! He has great plans for me…great plans like resting on His shoulders while He smiles BIG!
Oh, Father, please help me embrace this love and let me rest on your shoulders for all eternity…enjoying every single moment of it! I will forever show you off to the world and as you see fit place me on your shoulders so that You may smile BIG!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Not meant to happen today

I'm choosing not to be frustrated...don't know what happened?? The words were erased...typed up and then just like that...GONE! It's really nothing special but I know God has given me this joy for writing and even a need to write...sometimes you just do what you need to do in order to survive ;-) but I'm left frustrated just the same because the penned words are gone!!! Praise you Jesus that I'm left with your truth and the way I feel...

Hmmmm.....any other day I would just pen it all over again; but the time is short today because I have lots to I will just have to continue another day. Plan B I guess :) And yes, I know this is true...some things--some writing is meant to be just between You and me. I'll share another time :)

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