Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I’ve been speechless on the pages of my blog recently—not because I wanted to be—but because other jobs and writing tasks have taken precedence.   Yet, my heart has longed to write and God used this time to both remind and renew this passion…mission…vision.  I was reminded of when God first birthed this desire and gift of writing from within.

I write so that my joy may be complete (1 John 1:4) and similarly to speaking, I write in praise of the LORD.  (Psalm 145:21). 

What do you do that brings joy to your heart and praises our King? 

A princess follows this path of praise and joy, don’t you think?  And not all of our desires and gifts are alike.

As I am writing this; the only thing that I audibly hear speaking is my washing machine; and I realize that in the loud hustling noises of our busy days it is a choice to turn up the volume and hear our King’s voice speaking to our hearts.  

Are we listening? 

As I carried the load of laundry down the hallway, my eyes highlighted a card taped to the door of my son’s room.  I know I have passed by this many times; yet today the Lord has something to say and He used this moment that my hands were full and my mind was racing with my busy to do list.  It was as if God hit the pause button on my moving feet and stirring mind and caused me to read the card on the door that I had previously given to my son and he since altered. 

Then I heard His whisper, “See how your boy has taken the words and made them His own.  Take my Word and make them your own and keep speaking my Word.” 

My heart was instantly rocked! 

As a child, I grew up in a home where encouraging words were few and I often wonder—am I now going over board with encouraging words. Maybe a silly thought?  But one can feel as if she is on a deserted island and alone in her thoughts from time to time.   

I desire for my children to aspire their dreams and believe that with God’s blessing, they may become anything that they desire.  If they want to be the next US President—may it be so—but then I know in reality there is only 1 president chosen in the United States every four years….you know what I mean?  

Yet, how many times have I seen the damage to a growing heart or dream with the mere absence of encouraging words.  Ironically, our mouths can be so quick to spout out some crass, crude humor—but an encouraging word shackles our mouths shut. 

Do you ever withhold an encouraging comment?
            *Do you fear sounding silly?
            *Do you fear that someone will think they are better than you?
            *Do you fear feeling less than?
            *Do you fear creating a pride monster?
            *What do you fear?  What keeps you silent?

It takes courage to encourage.

My heart cries out quietly from my chest, “Help me Lord.” 

Then as if to answer in concert…rockin’ my heart…I see the importance of embracing and owning the truth! 

I am reminded of reading Isaiah 41:10 earlier…and this is how I am choosing to own it:

I do not fear—for God is with me.
God strengthens me and helps me.

What Word did you make your own today?

May we be willing and allow God to use our mouths and our words to rock the hearts of those around us.

“My mouth will speak in praise of the LORD.  Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever.”  Psalm 145:21

Monday, May 14, 2012

More Playful...yes or no?

“God is more playful than we are?”  Eldrdedge states plainly in his book, “Beautiful Outlaw.”

Do you agree? 

I have to and am asking God to reveal this part of His personality to me these next coming weeks.  It’s as if I am saying Yes…I believe it…show me more so I can say Yes with even more emphasis.  Kind of like the heart of the man in the Gospels who exclaimed his desire to believe at the same time asking for help with his unbelief.

I was listening to the Girflriendit Radio and conversing with some new cyber girlfriends—crazy thankful that during this time with a toddler again when my days are full of chasing little feet that I can still connect with new friends.

My new friend encouraged me to pick up this book and chat about it online.  Do you want to join us? 

I’m excited to write about what God brings about as we read and are encouraged to see more of Jesus.  As I sit here typing I sense the beckoning of our loving God and my boy’s toy penguin is flapping and wiggling to the beat of a near by fan.

Hmmmm…I wonder what will be flapping and wiggling in my heart this week to the beat of Jesus.  Do you see His playfulness?