Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm in love...

A girlfriend the other day asked me how I was doing and these words came rushing up and out of me before I had a chance to think about them..."I'm in love."

It's true, I am in love and I feel like young teenager trying to balance life with a new love. You know when a new infatuation takes time and energy away from those people and things that have been a part of your rhythm each day and you all together join in to create a 'new rhythm' that sounds a little awkward and weird at first...until a new rhythm with your new love is established.

I've taken a sabbatical from blogging because of this love...

I've had lots on my mind since away from this cyber blog space and will soon share the bits and pieces that have been floating around in the recesses of my mind about competency and confidence since I last blogged.

But, first I must share about my love.

Rather than share the ins and outs of everything that has consumed me these last few weeks(including our scare with RSV and weeks full of sick kiddos)I wanted to keep things light and positive and first share about my new love!

He's captured the hearts in my home and has brought many surprises.

Like this surprise my son found the week in January when freezing temperatures and snow dusted our city in the Arizona desert..."a baby ladybug."

My love fits right in the middle of the family sofa with the rest of my precious loves.

My precious loves watching their favorite show, "Wipeout!" My newest love had no interest in watching anything but the back of his a new baby should.

My precious love getting some special lovin'.

My boys smilin' with Grandma Kathy who blessed us with a visit and Grandma Linda giving some Christmas love.

Whether my love is...



posing... (do all baby's make the 'oh' sound while wearing a Santa hat?)


or fussing... or screaming... (No pictures of this yet--way too exhausted to get the camera out for these precious moments of my love...but these moments have existed)

staring... (My love staring in amazement as he somehow managed to roll himself over from his tummy to his back at just 7 weeks)


smiling and waving...

We all have fallen in love with this precious love from God...we named him Jacob.

I listened to the two smallest Packer fans giggling all the way to school while cooing and gah gahin' over their little love today.

It's clearly not just mum who has fallen in love.

I'm also excited to share him with those I my girlfriend Joey who was diagnosed with breast cancer at just about the same time I found out I was pregnant with Jacob. So thankful for this moment in January when she got to hold him.

Are you in love?
What a blessing to share love with the ones we love...
And extra fun to luv with an Irish accent!

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kittykerri said...

Julie, Jacob is beautiful!! The smiling & waving photo is adorable!!