Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weeds of Discouragement

Do you ever feel like God has made a way for you, maybe cleared a mountain flat or helped boost you right on top of it only to find that you are still right there in the middle of it all? I feel like God has actually just split open a huge mountain in my life, kind of like He parted the Red Sea for the Israelites yet, I am stuck—kind of paralyzed—right here in the middle.

Right here in the middle I have to admit, I am tempted to be discouraged and doubt in this place. Part of me wants to just run away…I guess—basically give up.

Yet, I know better than this and something in me causes me to remember!

Remember everything that God has done thus far; He has brought me right here-right now and He has not left me alone. Am I the only one who is tempted to think God has left me when something doesn’t go so smoothly?

I was comforted in God’s Word and wrote out some truths from 1 Chron 28:20:

“With God I am strong and courageous and can do this work! With God I will not be afraid or discouraged, for He is with me and will not fail me or leave me until this work is finished.”

I am so thankful for God and His willingness to help when we are humble enough to ask. I was pounding through these thoughts as I walked this morning and He reminded me of the parable of the weeds in Matthew 13 as I was walking. It was like God literally touched my face and steered it to focus on the weeds that had sprouted up along the road.

I came to conclude that God saw my path like this with weeds and He was choosing not to pull them. He has split the mountain, but He has not prevented weeds to sprout up on my path—the mountain is no longer an obstacle, but I am surely not on a pristine yellow brick road. Maybe it’s the royal wedding recently that has allowed me to take my own princess status a bit too far (SMILING!).

In Matthew 13:29 where Jesus tells the parable of the weeds the owner of the field did not want the servants to pull up the weeds because in doing so they may pull up some of the ‘good seed’ that was planted. Could there be purpose in standing along some weeds for a time? I somehow know that with God there is security in standing right here with this annoying weed.

I think I may be understanding a little more about what it means to have God teach me through His Word and walk with Jesus, and for this I simply say, “Thank you.” I’m laying down my desire for comfort and ease, maybe a little of my desire for perfection and trusting that God will do what He is going to do—even with the weeds right here.

I admit, the weeds bother me, and in reality some of the weeds in my yard will cause a letter to arrive in the mail from my HOA. And simply, I just don’t like them. Still, like them or not, I am choosing to trust God and I will let Him take care of them in His perfect time.

What about you girlfriend? Are there any weeds growing in your life that you need to be okay with just leaving there for God to take care of at the right time? I hope you talk to Him about them today and maybe even ask a girlfriend to pray for you.

All of us could use a prayer for strength to keep walking the path He has for us—especially when weeds sprout up!

P.S. I would both appreciate your prayers and also be honored to pray for you too girlfriend! May our prayers encourage one another to be brave and do the things we need to do!

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