Monday, March 12, 2012

Listening Feet

I sat making my list this morning, like I do often every morning as the sun is rising and the house is quiet.  I sensed God nudging me differently this morning; almost as if he had a hold of my pen. 

I think now, looking back that He was just reminding me that He was near and that He knew all that I needed.  He didn’t want to take a hold of my pen or write for me; but I sensed He wanted to allow me to list what was on my heart, with an awareness of His presence.

The truth that is echoing in my head after spending some time with Him this morning is that…streams of living water flow from me because I believe and walk with Him.  (John 7:38)  This verse seemed to spout off the page with emphasis, like the sprinkler I had just seen yesterday spouting off extra water; both demonstrating their need of attention. Isn't it cool how God nudged me to take the picture yesterday to highlight in my mind as I write?

I feel the need of a refreshing spring of water for my heart as I feel the need of a pedicure before I break out these feet to walk in the spring weather.  There are so many cares on my heart that I am tempted to carry alone and God was reminding me to rest in Him and give Him my cares, my worries—even ask Him to help me with each task for today. 

The pressures of life can just seem so daunting sometimes, can’t they?  Sometimes I feel like I have 10 plates spinning constantly; a plate for my husband, a plate for each one of my boys, a plate for my own health, a plate for my loved ones dealing with life threatening illnesses, a plate for my ministry and work, a plate for every relationship, care and concern.

As I think about the day and write out my list, I recognize that each breath gets deeper and deeper.  Then, as I felt His peace, I faced the temptation to label myself ADD as my mind jumped to what I heard on Girlfriendit Radio last week.  Did you listen?  Oh, it was good—encouraging stuff about preparing our feet to leave footprints in our world. You can download free from iTunes here to catch the skinny on what I am talking about and join others here on the Girlfriendit Facebook Page.

Thankful for something to look forward to for my own feet as I anticipated some girl time and a pedicure, I continued to make my list and pray—pampering and taking care of myself is part of living as a princess after all!

Me and my girlfriend's happy feet.
When my heart is full of Him and my feet are happy—I am able to walk with and in His love and others are also able to experience His love and light—that’s the idea, right? 

Well, as I was writing out my list and thinking about my feet, God reminded me of the stories in the gospel about feet…He washed His disciples feet, a sinful woman washed His feet and a woman who chose what was better…at His feet.

Rather than be distracted by my list or the spinning plates I envision sometimes over my head, I want to choose to place my feet by His feet and stay there. 

Have you chosen to take your feet by His feet?

And it doesn’t matter whether we’ve had a pedicure or not, we can take our feet to the feet of the One who makes streams of living water flow from us.

Remember that spouting water…as I passed by the same patch of grass on my walk back, I also felt nudged to take a picture of these ducks waddling in the sprinklers.  God reminded me of this picture as I write and think about bringing my feet to His feet to be filled with His living water.  I couldn’t help but smile and my prayer is that you smile too…for my heart was delighted to see two ducks waddling around in the spring of water—basking in the coolness…the wetness…

Again it doesn’t matter the feet—just bring them to the Lord’s feet and listen. (Luke 10:39) 

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