Tuesday, May 5, 2009


You gotta love reminders! Sometimes when I remind my boys to take out the trash or pick up their toys my oldest looks at me like he is not so pleased about my reminder…but when I remind him of how proud I am and how much I love him…I usually get a smile out of him.
Such was the same yesterday for me…and often God gets a smile out of me when He whispers sweet reminders to my soul. You see when I drove by those filters in my neighbors garbage can yesterday I felt God nudging me to notice and remember His love. I swear I heard God say, “I NEVER throw your dirty filters in the trash! I use it all!!! Whether your jar is full or empty due to your own insecurity, fear, resentment, bitterness, heartache, grief, shame, guilt…I have the power to heal you and I don’t need to get rid of what currently occupies or doesn’t occupy your heart to purify you and clean you up. You are already clean by my words spoken to you. Now remain in me .”
I could not resist responding with praise, a nod of agreement and a smile...for He has filled me with His love and with His joy!

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