Friday, May 1, 2009


I was chatting with my girlfriend on the phone treasuring the sounds of a new baby hungry and beckoning for milk. The sweet new bundle I could not see; but I heard the yearning noises and probably because it wasn’t my tired body needing to attend to the baby I pleasantly adored the sounds. My friend on the other hand was sharing her joys currently shadowed by exhaustion.
She was sharing with me the frustration inside of not going anywhere or doing anything but caring for this newborn with feedings and care needed day and night….I found myself picturing the beauty in what she was describing as I got off the phone with her and heard her murmur ‘Shhh…”
I recalled hearing the shhh early this week…and again earlier this month….I recently have been pondering the act of doing and how I tend to feel sometimes more sufficient when I can do something and check something off of my list. Having something to do definitely brings me satisfaction; yet I know my God beckons me to be still…more descriptively, “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10.
And I wish you could hear my LOL as I am hearing my boy right now making the “Shhh..” sound while playing with his trains (Normally I know it is choo choo…but at school they just learned the blending sounds of the letters S and H….)
Oh, how I love the reminders…they are no coincidence.
Just like the morning I was on the baseball field…I had just enjoyed some time of prayer with God prior and was asking Him to show me how to refrain from doing and rest when there was so much to do and to just ‘be.’ I really want to just be still and reflect; but I know He is also beckoning me to do some things too. I was aware that I needed God to help me figure out a balance.…I needed Him to show me.
When I got to the baseball field I sat my beach chair down on the clover filled field and gazed out at the boys warming up. My eyes were drawn ever so gently to a bee right in front of me as tears rolled down my cheek I knew God was whispering…JUST BEE!!! I smiled as I thought about the joy the bee finds in flying from flower to flower doing what God designed Him to do.
I felt a challenge and question arise in my heart, “Can I be like a bee and do what God designed me to do?” In a weird way I felt like I recommitted my days to Him…re-committed to BE STILL…re-committed to keep after knowing Him and shhh….bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….
It reminded me of another scripture, Jer 6:16 “Stand at the crossroads and look, ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is and walk in it and you will find rest for your souls.” What a treasure it is to talk to our God and listen to what He has to say…help us Father to choose the quiet moments before we start walking and lead us to the rest we know we need.

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minngirl5 said...

SHHHH..........I feel the nudge to Bee still and pray - hehe :)