Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clumsy Steps Empowered by Comforting Arms

It is a delightful quiet morning. The only sound echoing in my living room is the tap of my fingers on the keyboard and the hum of my laptop. I’m sitting next to my adopted kitten nestled in a basket cuddling a borrowed teddy bear. After praying this morning I glanced over at her this morning sipping my coffee and tears inadvertently welled up in my eyes...
I recognize a bittersweet emotion rise up within me as I watched her clumsily sneak up on the not quite 2 foot tall canine member of our family comically named Zeus. These past weeks we have been so amused by our adopted kitten we named Princess Tiara because of the heart-shaped marking on her head. She was abandoned by her mother at about 3 weeks and missed out on so much rearing and modeling from her momma…especially the stealthy way of a cats’ playful pounce. She tries to lurk around the corner only to get scared of her own shadow and runs back into hiding. Then when she musters up enough gumption to venture out again she hears someone in the family cough and she stumbles over her own feet and rolls across the floor. She spends much of her time wearing herself out this way…striving to do what she was made to do.
Oh, how I feel that way…striving to do what I was made to do. It’s one thing not knowing what you were made to do and another to have an inkling and not follow it. I find it especially tough to follow this path of doing what you were made to do when you are stuck with feelings of being inadequate because your own childhood story may lack a bit of modeling or education or you fill in the blank.
Like my new little kitty, who is just so clumsy and fearful, I too find myself running to hide until I get the gumption to try again. The key I think is where we run to when life sends us stumbling over our own two feet. By something I cannot even explain…and a whole lot of God’s grace I realize it was He who reaches down every time with His loving arms and holds me! Our God loves us SO BIG! And He made us just the way we are…and everything about us He sees as perfect…perfect to do whatever we were made to do!
And just as my Princess Tiara runs to the basket to cuddle in the arms of a stuffed teddy bear to rest…I too have learned to run to my God’s arms to rest and just be. It is right here that I am learning that I am able to receive the courage and strength to take the next step.
My God rescues me and brings me to wide open places to run and play because He delights in me…AND fellow sojourner He delights in you too! I’m at a quiet state of just being this morning contemplating the next step God may have for me…I think Princess is ready to venture out again too…how about you?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I am ready too:)