Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love Realized

The next step…I’m sitting here feeling questions rise up in my head. It’s funny how when one chapter of our journey seems to come to a close as the seasons surely do come to an end and we wave “bye-bye.” (Girls…there is a plane flying overhead right this very minute!!!) It leaves us desiring the answer to “What’s next?”
I can easily at any one point in time make a list of things that may qualify for the next step but I often feel unsure of which item is THE one God desires for me to focus on. This happens in the simplest of ways each and every morning at times when I take my to -do list before my God. Is it just me or am I the only one who wrestles with what to do next?
Hmmm….then when I take a moment to be still I realize that I may be wrestling because I am stuck in my own agenda. Don’t we like to do things our own way??? Don’t we think about ourselves and our own situations way too much?? As I was praying this morning and even typing up my journal entry to my God this morning my kitty hopped up on the sofa (her new-found talent) and after exploring every crevice and dark hole around the cushions she nestled in next to me and has since fallen asleep.
Just as clear as I heard the airplane flying overhead a few minutes ago; I heard a click of a snapshot in my heart and a yearning to capture this moment. Just like the moments my boys first spoke “momma” and the moments they ventured out and took their first steps…it’s glorious moments like these that we choose to pause and capture deep within our hearts. I have a sense of realizing that God has moved everything in my surroundings to make it clear to me how much He loves me this particular moment!!!
HUSsssssssssssssHhhhhhh…it’s as if I hear my God nudging me to rest alongside Him nestled in His arms. Basking in His security and love and fully embracing that I am His daughter worthy of pure rest.
It’s as if He was right here speaking to me, ”You will know the next step when I speak it to you…and this next step is no step at all—just stay right here with me and rest.”
God surely gives us rest on every side of each step! (2 Chron 20:30)

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