Thursday, December 10, 2009


A cluster of grapes?

As a family, we read last night in Number 13 about the HUGE cluster of grapes cut from the Promised Land. The grapes were so enormous that one man could not carry them alone; but 2 men carried them back to show the others the fruit growing in the Promised Land. As my boys hung the ornament of grapes on the tree I prayed that we would understand that these were not just any grapes! It’s so easy for us to read through so quickly and see that they picked fruit from the land…but this was not just any old fruit. These grapes were not just ordinary grapes…may we not overlook how unique they were.
A few years ago I may have read right over that but my heart and mind could not forget the LARGE GRAPES! So odd…why grapes? What do grapes represent? I sensed the Spirit moving in me to pause and remember. What HUGE GRAPES has God blessed us with these past years? What blessings have we overlooked and not taken time to rejoice and celebrate how HUGE they were?
Reading on in Numbers, Caleb stood out in ver 13:30; he had faith to BELIEVE that the Israelites could with God, conquer the land and enter the land God promised. On the other hand, there were 10 other men who were shaking in their boots (like so many of us do whether we admit it or not). The other 10 were scared and feared how HUGE the other men were and they disagreed with Caleb and thus were discouraging the idea and wallowing in their unbelief.
Oh that we would BELIEVE! It’s a popular one-word phrase this time of year…BELIEVE. I don’t want to be judged for my celebrating or not celebrating of ‘ol St. Nick…but I love the symbolism tied around this jolly red-suited man. Ho Ho Ho reminds me that there is the One to BELIEVE! I BELIEVE in God and all that He is and does for us! I pray that my boys will see God not only in the moments of this season; but every single day.
What about your heart? Do you see God in the moments of your day? Are you looking for those grapes? Do you speak like Caleb did or like the other 10 men who spoke about their fears of entering what God has promised?
I cannot help but think about those grapes and what happens to them when they are squeezed and beaten to a pulp. It becomes the juice we drink to remember Jesus and all that He did for us! Will we remember or will we go on with this season leaving God out? The first step in moving forward is to simply…BELIEVE! Merry Christmas!

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