Friday, September 23, 2011

In The Waves of Life

Do you ever feel like life keeps throwing you one monstrous wave after another? After reading Psalm 93:3-4 this week, I sank my body deep into the cushions of the sofa and let my thoughts go for a second. Tears began to well up in my eyes as I reflected on the recent waves crashing into my heart these recent weeks. The cares and concerns of my heart may be small to the next person but still pounding upon my tender heart.

Thank you Jesus that we can take the cares and concerns to You because you care for us.
(1 Peter 5:7).

As I sank deeper into thought, I found myself back at the beach with family and friends riding the waves. I almost felt the movement of the breaking waters again as I saw myself back upon the boogie board riding the surf with some girlfriends. After being pounded by the waves hours earlier many of the kids and dads were now resting their feet in the sand and it was now our turn. The waves of life do have a way of pounding down on us.

Many times, I glanced over seeing my girlfriends smiling, laughing, riding the waves with me. I remember then, and now again am praising God for enabling me to ride the waves of life and share the precious memories with dear friends. **Insert a sudden halt**—a pause to the television DVR—the sound muted for just a second, for as soon as we are wrapped up in something good we are reminded that not all waves are able to be ridden together. My thoughts immediately shifted to remembering many a waves I was left in the dust watching my girlfriend ride on ahead and some I plunged ahead on my own. My body language may not have demonstrated as such, but when I was left behind, there was a speck of disappointment—a speck of just plain, “Ahhh, I want to ride too!” I know I am not alone as I saw the body language of many young and old demonstrate this same emotion thorughout our time on the beach.

Life is much more than riding the ocean waves isn’t it? I am studying about David in 2 Samuel 6 right now and his time to boogie board with thirty thousand men. They were riding the waves to bring up the Ark. Celebration was in order until their feat was halted with Uzzah’s death. Devastation hit the heart of the men and David became angry and afraid and left the Ark with someone else. David sat paralyzed holding his boogie board watching another named Obed-Edom ride the blessing of a wave.

David didn’t ride those waves again for 3 months and how often do we stand paralyzed because of life’s waves and then even become envious of another riding a wave while we are stuck with our feet in the sand. I am thankful for David’s example, for it encourages me to keep going.
We see David choosing to see God’s love rather than become jealous of his friend Obed-Edom.

Are you ever tempted to get out of the game and cease riding the waves?

For me, it is tempting at times…yet, rather than be jealous of another’s blessing He is nudging my heart and yours to say, “Yay God! “ And just as God reminded David , He is wanting to remind us too...He loves each one of us.

What waves are you watching another ride?
Are you watching reminding yourself that God loves you too?

So thank God for his marvelous love, for his miracle mercy to the children he loves!
(Psalm 107:21 The Message)

*This is dedicated to my girlfriends who not only rode the waves with me this summer, but continually ride the waves of life with me. I am so thankful for you and your encouragement. Thank you for continuing to point me to Him and cheer me on--I pray I will always do the same for you!

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