Monday, April 23, 2012


“One-Two-Threeeeeeee!” It was such a brief moment but as I pushed my little guy in his stroller on a walk this morning I sensed God reminding me to embrace and focus on His love and joy! 

I was distracting my little boy from his desire to be out of the confines of his stroller; and as my little guy smiled with delight from my great distraction technique. I got the message.  Keep going.  Stay focused on the joy I have for you.

I too have moments like my little boy that I want to cry out with frustration of where I am at any given moment.  And just like I encouragingly distracted my boy with a, “One-two-threeeeeeeee!” and a zip of a push –my God is doing the same and taking me on a wild ride—distracting me from the things I could so easily become frustrated and crying about—when I let Him. 

Stay focused on what’s ahead—“One, Two, Threeeee!”  I sensed God smiling and zipping me around on our walk showing me the birds, chirping in the trees and the wind wrestling through the trees and even the occasional car zooming down the road. 

My sis using another distraction technique
on my boy while he was sitting in his stroller another time
--that brought both of them joy!
As my boy smiled more and more, I saw he was content to sit in his stroller and enjoy the ride.  Oh, how I want to enjoy this ride..don’t you?

What helps you stay focused on joy and enjoy the ride of life? 

How about trying this the next time you sense irritations beginning to rob you of joy and the peace of His loving presence in this ride of life. Write down this three-letter word on a piece of paper, “JOY!”  Post it wherever you will see it often during the day to remind you what God wants to give you for yourself and for you to share on this ride.  Then with your biggest kid-like voice, zip on into the day exclaiming, “One, Two, Threeeeee!”

“You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever. “ (Psalm 16:11 NLT)


Carrie Seather said...

Oh Julie! What a great post! It is such a treat to live in the moment with joy! God is forever present and I believe He is filled with joy when we acknowledge His presence and choose to live in joy! It is often a choice to make and I can just picture you modeling joy to your son this morning,even in the heat!

J-Girl said...

Love that Carrie--thank you for the reminder that it is a choice!!! Thanks for encouraging me to choose...JOY :)

Josie said...

I like to surround myself with reminders... I have a pretty print in my house that says, "It's what's inside that counts" Maybe it's the artist in me, but those type of little things around that I see throughout the day really help remind me. And your little boy is such a little cutie. :)