Monday, May 14, 2012

More Playful...yes or no?

“God is more playful than we are?”  Eldrdedge states plainly in his book, “Beautiful Outlaw.”

Do you agree? 

I have to and am asking God to reveal this part of His personality to me these next coming weeks.  It’s as if I am saying Yes…I believe it…show me more so I can say Yes with even more emphasis.  Kind of like the heart of the man in the Gospels who exclaimed his desire to believe at the same time asking for help with his unbelief.

I was listening to the Girflriendit Radio and conversing with some new cyber girlfriends—crazy thankful that during this time with a toddler again when my days are full of chasing little feet that I can still connect with new friends.

My new friend encouraged me to pick up this book and chat about it online.  Do you want to join us? 

I’m excited to write about what God brings about as we read and are encouraged to see more of Jesus.  As I sit here typing I sense the beckoning of our loving God and my boy’s toy penguin is flapping and wiggling to the beat of a near by fan.

Hmmmm…I wonder what will be flapping and wiggling in my heart this week to the beat of Jesus.  Do you see His playfulness?

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