Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy - Happy - Happy!

I am seeing the word – happy everywhere lately since preparing both for our summer trip and my heart recently for a blog I contributed to that will post here in early summer.

So much going on in my little world that has bumped into my happy that I believe I needed to see this word happy more than usual here on a coaster my girlfriend gave me.   

My girlfriend gave me this precious bag of goodies as a send off for my summer trip and it reminded me of the gift of giving encouragement - and being happy for someone else's happy!

How often do we:

*Get bummed out by someone else’s happiness…..rather than be happy for them.
*Get grumpy trying to control a situation/person…..rather than be happy and let God control. (no matter the outcome).
*Get discouraged by one thing that happened……rather than be happy and thankful for all the other things that happened.

I am blown away by girlfriends and family in my life who encourage me to be happy.  They drive me to be a better wife, mother, sister, and friend. 

And – I have to believe that God is encouraging these happy choices rather than the bummed out – grumpy – discouraging thoughts

Don’t you?

Today I am going to be cognizant and choose more happy!   I am on a hunt to find God in my day and point Him out to my boys all summer long.  What choices are you making to be more aware of God today? 

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