Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recalling What I Learned When I Was 10...

There is so much that I could do today and tackle my ever running to do list. Not sure where to begin I beckoned to hear from Jesus and asked Him what to do. I swear I heard the word “Rest.” So thinking that maybe I was just hearing my own voice out of my overwhelming state I beckoned again and heard nothing. As I grabbed my cup of coffee and my to do list my eyes came across a picture drawn by a student for me this week…and I instantly remember tears coming to my eyes that day and hearing God remind me how an adolescent hands knows how to love, knows how to express gratitude, knows how to rest in Him and allow love to flow throw him…
AAaaahhhh…you see this 10 year old boy drew me a picture of God’s beautiful creation and gave it to me…as if to say thank you for being here today and brightening my day…it beckons me to draw near to my God and say thank you for being here.
I was remembering telling God thank you for helping me recall some pre-algebra concepts that these 4th graders were working on (WOW!!)…so thankful that God reminded me and equipped me also with the red ink in the teacher’s edition as I reworked some of the problems on the white board.
I also feel drawn to say thank you for my needs…thank you for the pain…thank you for the joys…thank you for everything that tugs on my heart and makes me yearn to know You better. Please keep showing me how to love…please keep showing me how to express my gratitude…please keep showing me how to rest in You and allow You to love through me…
I think I knew at one time how to do all of this…maybe back when I was an adolescent myself…and some days I think I forget what I learned when I was 10.
There were definitely some powerful things God was beginning to teach me when I was 10 even with my home filled with atheism and no church on Sundays…you see my heart resonates with Mary’s heart…He had taken notice of me…a lowly servant girl and has done great things for me!! My spirit rejoices in God my Savior!!!

Oh, I am choosing to rest in Him today…not going back to bed and climbing under the covers or snuggling on the couch and grabbing a blanket…but instead grabbing my best friend’s hand and resting in Him as I walk through the motions of today…something I cannot do alone-PRAISE YOU FATHER!
Hmmmm….I think I was hearing God right!

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