Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Simple Saturday Full of Simple Truths

“Aaah,” my body seems to be uttering this sound before my mouth is even open as I sit nestled in my cozy jammies and fuzzy Christmas socks reflecting on this beautiful day. The boys are in bed and Justin is revisiting his lines for tomorrow morning’s skit and I see the completeness of our living room entertainment center highlighting the sure completeness of this simple Saturday full of God's reminders of simple truths.
The morning began right here on the sofa; when all three boys left by 8am to play ball at the park with some friends. My sweet husband often seems concerned that I feel left out of the play time; and I just can’t ever explain to him enough that this Princess enjoys precious time to herself; sweet beyond explanation!
I read in 2Samuel, and felt God’s encouraging Spirit move me to accept the words inspired by if they were just for me. In addition, I read a new friends blog which encouraged me in Hebrews 12. It was a sweet moment and answered prayer about moving forward in this Kingdom journey. We all have a journey, a ministry for God. We all have Kingdom status with work to be done; I know I am not alone in this calling. It’s His work I know; and I often doubt that He even wants to include me; but He’s given me so many life experiences, gifts of His nature, passion wired only from God to move on in this life. I felt like He led me to write these words in my journal: With my hand grasping Yours, I will spread Love, share true happiness and send a genuine heart-derived smile with a world desperate for Love.
The beauty of this is that I know I’m nothing special…just a once broken soul that has been mended by a loving God and still on a journey with Him…getting things wrong left and right and every once in a while I can ‘high-five” my best friend and say, “Thanks for your help!”
I began the morning encouraged in the Word and then had to quickly get myself ready for our planned trip to IKEA with my boys. I was reminded of this encouragement throughout the day. First, everyone knows that young boys are not avid shoppers; so Dad encouraged the boys with a game on the way there. I watched, listened and even captured on film my husband just simply enjoying the time with our boys as we drove the 45 minute commute to the warehouse store. I jotted down his words at one point because the truth in them resonated with my heart and reminded me of God’s encouraging words which I read just hours earlier, “Work through it son—otherwise you won’t be able to defend your enemy.”
Later that afternoon I was reminded yet again when my son had another conversation with my husband when several kids in the neighborhood were riding their bikes on a ramp in the street. There private conversation which I overheard went something like this…”Dad, I’m scared!” “God is with you and wants you to be brave and courageous. Because God wants to help you conquer your fears, so do I—so I will not allow you to give up. You will get back out there on that bike and ride.” Of course I captured this success…both on film and in my heart!
Fear is a powerful emotion; giving into it means that we lack confidence and faith...Praise God for reminders to keep pressing on towards our goals and working through our fears. May we strengthen our feeble arms and weak knees. May we make level paths for our feet, so that we may help those (our children and others) who follow us. (Hebrews 12:13)
We can know this truth and still ask, “How?” And I sense the Spirit simply replying, “Ask…just ask for help.” Inquire of the Lord is what we must do.
Well, off to bed I must go…we are teaching Sunday School class in the morning…and the theme is definitely designed by our God...CONFIDENCE! I’m looking forward to some more reminders for this family tomorrow. “For the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being snared.” (Proverbs 3:26).

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Lovely :) Thanks for sharing, Julie. :)