Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fingerprints of Love

Nothing too exciting here…just cleaning up around the house and beginning to edit chapter 1 of my book while the boys are away with Grandma and Grandpa for a week. I knew the editing process would not be as much fun as the initial brainstorming and writing has been. It’s funny how freeing it is to write and not worry about mistakes and concerned whether your thought was clearly stated and understandable; especially when a gal like me can tend to want to have everything as perfect as possible.

My husband and two boys have helped me break the perfectionist mold; but I can’t deny the fact that it likes to creep up every now and then. I’m left right now pondering just what exactly in life we have to get ‘just right.’ My new job, I know I need to be on time; they are big sticklers about timeliness but even with that you are given some grace. When my boys are in school we have to leave at the same time everyday give or take five minutes to get them there on time.

I’ll be honest if there are any stresses in my life they are wrapped around in some way shape or form my attempt at getting things ‘just so.’ Frankly, I’ve learned that God is the only One who can get things just so…the One who “churns up the sea so that its waves roar…who set the heavens in place, who laid the foundations of the earth.” (Isaiah 50:15-16) The only One who does everything just right and on time is my loving God!(Ecc 3:11)

As I wipe up dirty fingerprint murals from my walls; I’m not sure if my boys lose their balance in this particular area of our house, and consistently plant their beautiful, grimy prints for support or if they are practicing their Picasso talents and attempting to paint a picture with the dirt and grime. All the same, I am just thankful for being reminded that although I can clean up this wall and make it look clean and new again—my God is at work completing all kinds of works inside of me.

One of these works that I know I need His help with is this book writing; but even more important than that is this little life growing inside of me that now has fingerprints of her own (or his own). As I am keenly aware of this life growing inside of me now; along with all kinds of other changes to my body right now I am also aware that my God…my heavenly Daddy is in control of ALL of it!

As my own fingerprints type away I can’t help but smile and rest in the glory of His presence for I know that I am sheltered by the fingerprints of God’s own mighty hands! (Isaiah 51:16)

And all who seek Him and acknowledge Him as God may see these same fingerprints too. Please feel free to email me if you want to know more about how to see these fingerprints in your own life...I promise I won't have you come help me clean my walls. The more I grasp how much my God loves me...the more I just desire for someone else to hear. God loves you!!

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