Monday, August 16, 2010


Ouch! I don’t know if it was a result of just my clumsy self or the fact that my belly is beginning to protrude past the line of sight to my toes that I did not see the 10lb weight jump out and attack my pinkie toe…nonetheless I felt pain. I continued to hobble to the fridge for some ice and watched as my pinkie resembled a bit of the growth of my expanding belly as it began to swell and turn a nice shade of red.
Later that afternoon as I walked by the same 10lb weight I remembered the pain and from the recesses of my mind I heard God whisper, “Yes, slow down.”
That whisper quieted my soul to hear further, “I want you to rest, I want you to see that yes, I have things for you to share at times and now I have quiet moments reserved for just you and me.” I knew God was referring to my writing because I had been talking and praying to Him about my desire to finish this writing project. I have been a little frustrated with the lack of time I have had to write on my blog and edit my book since last May when the completion of my rough draft coincided with a positive pregnancy test.
I knew I was going to have some time off for summer with the boys home and it being the early part of my pregnancy I was really too exhausted to think much about my writing. Yet, now school is back in session and I’m now in my 2nd (also known as my get-up-and-go) trimester and I am ready and raring to go with my writing.
Looking back and realizing how long it has been since my last writing time; I was sad and questioned if I took too long of a break. I am so thankful for the painful moment which still leaves my pinkie toe bruised and sore which preceded the loving reminder from my Lord. Rest is good and necessary.
I definitely need my share of loving reminders and I get them from reading in His Word and quieting my mind to be aware of what is going on around me throughout the day. Just like my son communicated to me yesterday that he wants to save all of his lunch napkins with notes from me so that he can read them again and again; I too want to capture all of these ‘love notes from God’ so that I can read them again and again. And because I know that God loves all of those around me; I want to show them too…see “He loves…this is what He spoke to me and He is speaking to you…be watching so that you can see it too!”
When we are faithful and watchful we can see that God is watching and He is faithful to guide us. When I clearly needed time to rest and spend with my boys He guided that time for me and now that I am needing guidance on not ‘neglecting my gift’ and being ‘diligent in this matter’ (1Tim 4:14 & 15); He is also guiding me.
I am so thankful that I can relax and trust that God does everything just right on time. (Ecc 3:11) And I am so looking forward to moving forward…trusting that as this baby grows, the swelling in my toe will subside but the swelling in my heart to write will increase and Lord willing, I will finish and publish this book!

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