Friday, September 3, 2010


So thankful for God’s gifts. I was reminded this week of how God desires to continually do new things in our hearts and lives. As I turned the calendar this week to a new month and enjoyed a walk realizing the temperatures are dropping a bit (at least in the morning) to usher in a brand new season.
I spent some time reflecting on my walk this week thinking about all of the new things God is doing in my life ever so quietly at this time. I recognized that the new things…a new job, a new baby, a new passion, a new thrill….were all things that were birthed of old. They were new, but not really. For instance, a job…I’ve had one before; a baby…done this before; a passion…felt this stirring for awhile; a thrill…clearly been thrilled with life before this particle moment (thank you God for newness AGAIN & AGAIN).
Do you ever feel this same newness stirring in your own heart? Do you hear the Lord’s words, “See I am doing a new thing!” (Isaiah 43:19).
It is springing up in you and I pray that you perceive it; as I never want to miss something new from the Lord. That is what good friends do; they help us notice the things that are springing up in our lives…or bursting forth. I am so thankful for the handful of encouraging friends that God has blessed me with; for they speak truth and encouragement continually in my life. These special girlfriends gave me this necklace a few weeks ago; reminding me to see what God is springing up in my heart and life. What a treasure…I continually see glimpses of my loving God through the kindness and love of my dear girlfriends and I am forever greatful that they encourage me to ‘put on my new self!’
Thanks girls for continually reminding me of His love and that we are created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness (Eph 4:24). I feel so undeserving of such friendships; for I know I can always love better and when showered with such love I am reminded of it even more. Yet, I accept this gift from my Lord and I honestly pray that every girl in this world may experience this treasure of friendship; I know I cannot be this kind of friend to all (as much as my heart wants's just not possible).
Yet, all of this is possible with God and a little choice of our own--may we be the type of girlfriend we want to have; for someone else in this world is also in need of a girlfriend.
Can't help but humbly whisper...I am blessed.

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