Wednesday, October 20, 2010



Where has the time gone?

I’m about 32 weeks along in my pregnancy and I have to say I really thought I would have written and blogged so much more about it along the way.

Rather than look back and be sad that my time was spent on other things
(some necessary and some other not so necessary);

I’m going to choose to look ahead. I don’t want to dwell on the “could have been,” “should have been” or” what might have been.”

I’m not going to wait for the perfect writing piece to come to my mind before I share and publish it on my blog. I’m going to just do it! Just write and reflect and continue to make my joy complete!

So here goes nothing...
Back at it and I am a little perplexed this morning thinking through some thoughts, some ideas for one of the last chapters in my book that I just feel led to alter and change drastically.

I am trusting that God will reveal the specifics to me at the just the right time.

Today my thoughts match the weather and mood depicted in the sky. Literally while driving down the road there was sunshine and blue sky to the East and dark storm clouds to the West.

I sensed the heat from the sun rising in the East and the coolness from the clouds in the West moving closer, encroaching to meet the sun in the middle. It was a bizarre sight with the road I was travelling on seeming to divide exactly the two scenarios in half.

Bizarre seems to sum up my life these days.

Do you ever have time to stop and think about your day and your life? Do you ever feel that you are living in your own realm of bizarre? Are you ever confused about the direction of your life?

These feelings are rising up inside of me today.

I'm feeling a bit confused about where God is taking me in this journey we so creatively call life. I feel a bit of His warmth and love and peace like the sun to the East and yet the thrill, anxiousness of a unknown storm approaching from the West.

I know and sense life in J-girl’s home is about to change in a matter of just a few weeks. In more ways than just embracing our new bundle of joy. I’m just waiting on God to reveal the exact place for me to stand in His love through it all.

Basically preparing myself to hold on tight for the ride! I know it's going to be good!

Do you ever feel that way…I mean, are you ever unsure of where life’s next turn will be; but still sensing a major shift in the road up ahead?

As I sit reflecting on this day, and all the things that are before me to get done today, I’m thankful for God’s truth that He upholds me with His hand and He makes my steps firm. (Psalm 37:3)

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Josie said...

Bizarre has been my life for the past 34 years! ;) We need to catch up soon, but looking forward to seeing where God leads your steps in the meantime. :)