Friday, November 4, 2011


So today is FRIDAY…well, not just FRIDAY, but...FUN FRIDAY!!!

I have to admit that this particular Friday, well doesn’t seem so FUN!  I’ve got a sick little one at home.  I have to admit that on days like today, I am tempted to pull the covers over my head and hide-away. Do you ever waste the day away?
 I am reminded today that not every day—not every Friday can be a picnic.  Yet, we do have choices even deep in the muck of the worst of days, don't we? 

Refusing to stay couped up in the house with a runny-nosed, feverish toddler I decided to go for a walk yesterday and I invited one of my neighbors.  I am just getting to know her and I have to tell you she is FABULOUS!  I am thankful for the short walk we had and it did not take long for me to recognize the FUN attitude she has about life...and let me tell you she is facing some HUGE things in her life right now--heart-breaking stuff that honestly, rattled me to the core when she shared her heart...but she is still choosing to have FUN! 

Do you know anyone like that? 

I also remember volunteering my time at a food mission a few years back and I remember being so blessed chatting with the people.  I remember my heart and soul being impacted the most by the ones in line waiting for their food box who were smiling and encouraging those around them.  Faced with a hard day and they were still having FUN! 

We all desire to have FUN, but do we all choose FUN?
I see it every week, my young boys want to have some FUN to look forward to each week--even the biggest kid in our house makes sure there is some FUN in the week.  Doesn't God have FUN planned for us too...YOU BET HE DOES!!  So, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it...we work hard and we do the hard stuff--but we make sure to have FUN!
So, I hope you get my point and if today you are feeling a bit like it is no FUN FRIDAY at all...maybe you are tempted to sift through Facebook envying the FUN that everyone else seems to have this Friday--don't (I've done it and it's--well...NO FUN!).  Maybe choose to do for yourself what someone else shares on Facebook...but the sulking and envious part--SQUASH that! Get out and have your own FUN.  
Still not sure what to do?  One great idea to get you thinking and out of a funk and into some FUN is download this week's Girlfriendit Radio show titled, "How Do You Fight Apathy?
And you can read more about the great nuggets of information I got from the show here
Have FUN girlfriends!  And see you back here Monday...I've got some great news to share then!!!
*Oh, yes--we can have FUN on Monday too*

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