Monday, November 12, 2012

Forever Reign in Our Hearts - Live Well...Finish Strong!

I’m having trouble keeping up with my writing this week after falling behind last week due to various things…

I began to ponder a little bit about falling short…falling behind…
How do you handle things when you fall in some way?

Do you have a group of girlfriends ready to help you when the weight or the pressures of life creep in?

This past weekend, I thought it was fitting to cheer my girlfriend and surprise her by cheering her on the last leg of her 60 miles.  She participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the cure.  When are you most vulnerable to fall-quit-give up in your journey?  Is it at the beginning - the middle - or the end?

I am reminded of Bill Hybel's words during the Leadership Summit 2012.  Hybels asked a question pertaining to taking a team from ‘here’ to ‘there.’  The question is when are we most vulnerable to quit and doubt and be discouraged - at the beginning - the middle - the end?  The answer was in the middle; but I have to say it is not so much for me.

Maybe, I am weird and outside of the norm, but it is something like this for me...I am most vulnerable when I am ALMOST there:

Can you relate?

As a believer in Christ, I want to be surrounded by others who are going to spur me on and encourage me in the Word.

I know we are not perfect-but can we wrap ourselves in the love of Jesus and turn away from things that do not breathe life in our beings and relationships. 

Is there something God is calling you to turn away from?  May you turn now-so that you don’t fall later.

This past week my kids' school was lined with trees wrapped with red-ribbon and I felt as if God was reminding me that we are loved-more precious than these trees that now look so ‘special’ with red ribbons on them. 
We have been given so many gifts-gifts that may not have a red bow on them, but gifts that breathe life into a world that is dying. 

I sang yesterday with my church family “Forever Reign,” and I caught myself crying out to God in between the lyrics…Do you every do that?

We sang, "The riches of your love will always be enough…."
And I cried out quietly to myself...
"Oh Lord, I know your love is enough-help me to live and act as if it is enough.—

You can check out this YouTube video with the song and lyrics here.

Then as I was reading this blog, I read these beautiful words: 

Jesus did not die on the cross just to get us out of hell and into heaven. He died on the cross to get Himself out of heaven and into us! That is resurrection life – and the very place where we get our enough!

May He in you be ENOUGH this week.  Let's live well this week and finish strong girlfriends!


Deb said...

Love this, Julie!

Deb said...

Love this, Julie!

J-Girl said...

;-)...Isn't it so great to share thoughts and inspirations with girlfriends?!?