Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful for Hats - "Hats Off" (or ON) for Jesus!

It was nearly time to head out the door and my to do list that day had encroached on my time needed to wash my hair before a meeting that night. 

I have been so out of the public “Thankful” loop this month; but if I was posting on my blog and FB page continually like many are doing this month, I would have posted:  

"So thankful for this hat my hubby bought me and this fall weather enabling me to wear it tonight since I really need to wash my hair." 

As I drove away to make my meeting, I thought for just a second—

How dirty my hair was but how fabulous I looked in my hat…I say this with humble confidence.  And remembering that I am just a simple girl, trying to balance a life that matters in my home for my three growing boys, my husband and also pouring into others because Jesus loves me…and you!

Could my dirty hair being covered with a fabulous hat be similar to us coming to God with all of our weaknesses, imperfections and insecurities and still being upheld and shining for Him?  (shine like I did that night in my hat-ha!)

For, “a righteousness from God, apart from law, has been made known to which the Law and the Prophets testify.  This righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. “ (Romans 3:21-22)

I continued to chuckle to myself on the drive with God and asked Him, “Why am I feeling so awesome in this hat?”  And I sensed this feeling from God that it is and awesome feeling to be upheld in His righteousness…

I felt an encouragement come over me from the Lord—and this experience is better than any loving comment from a girlfriend…

”Don’t take personal anything or anyone who points out your imperfections…for I have covered you!”

Have you listened to the Girlfriendit podcast about how NOT to take things personal?  You can download it here

I felt as if God played before me on my 20 minute drive a brief synopsis of times I had taken things personal and gotten discouraged because of others and things like my dirty hair-ha!

He reminded me briefly of discouragement and minor set-backs because of:
*Projects/assignments overlooked 
*Disapproving looks or comments
*Not hearing back from that proposal
*Jealousy in previous ministries and gifts being buried

Then as I continued to drive and pay attention to traffic of course; it was as if God turned my inner-thought focus to the fact with every discouraging act that God brought to the forefront of my mind that resembled my dirty hair in need of being remedied with a cute hat; was covered with its own glorious hat….

*A project or two may have been overlooked—but there were some that were accepted.
*With a girlfriend’s once disapproving look in the past that I left unchecked…I was later able to call her out on it and clear the air and many more girlfriends have appeared with encouraging glances.
*I may not have heard back from a proposal…but I am hearing loud and clear to keep going!
*For those times I have felt my gifts were buried; there are more times that God has brought others to help me find and use my gifts – all for His glory!  And jealousies will exist but I need not take them personal...but shall pray and guard my own heart from them.

Do you have something similar?  Is there a similar hat in your closet that you can put on today when it is time to rush out the door?

Let’s rejoice in the LORD and learn from His example to not take things personal…Girlfriendit shard 5 Great Tips Here....

AND yes, let’s thank Him for hats!

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