Friday, February 22, 2013

Ha...- what?!!

So how does God speak to you?  I love having these kinds of conversations with girlfriends and with last week being LOVE week – my birthday - Valentine’s Day – and Bible Studying/Prayer time with a circle of awesome ladies – it was the perfect time to focus on God’s whispers!

It's been almost 2 months since my fingertips have played here; but I’ve thought about writing a blog post since I was away with my hubs for my birthday.  Yet, somehow, my personal writing time has been interrupted often with one set of 2 year old hands.

Do you ever wish there was more time in your day?

Honestly, just as the season here is beginning to change, I feel God is preparing me for a season of change.  He whispered recently and I thought I would share…with intentions and hopes that maybe by you reading this blog, it will tune your ears to His own whisper for you and your path. 

With the recent move our friends made about 2 hours away; my hubs thought it would be a great birthday gift to wisp me away to visit them.  He reserved a room for us at a historic hotel located in the town square. The hotel was named after a nearby river, the Hassayampa River…say that 10-times fast-ha!

Here is an amusing photo my hubby took of me in 4 different places in the lobby…it was beautiful inside, with both a touch of old and a touch of new!

Hassayampa is an Apache Indian word that means “the river that loses itself.”  The river apparently is 100 miles long but at a point it disappears beneath the surface only to reappear down the way. 

As I sat in the lobby reading about the history and the fact that the hotel itself opened in 1927, but then for a time closed down and the rooms served a different purposes for a while…a boarding house, a radio station and an interim campus for the College

A burning sensation filled my heart as I read this…

Then I remembered
1-  A Prayer
2-  A Memory
3-  A Quote
4-  A Word

In addition, to remembering that I had been praying and asking God to direct my efforts and my time these days and to show me where to focus my energy; a flash of memories from these past few years came before me:

1-A circle of women God brought before me to pray with and for me
2-A fresh new gift from God to write for the purpose of encouraging not only my heart, but other women’s hearts.
3-Our moving to a new home/new community/new church, now almost 2 years ago.
4-The surprise-special birth of our third son and the current two-year old training that is consuming my heart at this present time.

I then remembered a quote from John Maxwell that I know was at the heart of what a dear friend shared with me recently:  Learn to say no to the good, so you can say yes to the best.

And last but certainly not the least, I remembered God’s Words in Isaiah 43:18-19 that seemed to be whispering over my heart as it pertained to my personal writing. 

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  
See I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  
I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”

With that, sweet bloggy-Princess Path girlfriends I believe God is nudging me to flow onward for a time…focusing on some other things before me…maybe soon to re-appear like the Hassayampa River further down the path. 

Until we meet again here…keep seeking – keep going – keep walking down that Princess Path that God has for you!

Even though you may not see me in this cyber realm, you can trust that I will still be walking; hand in hand with the One who whispers so beautifully and I seek continually- but not perfectly to guide my heart.  And who knows what God has in store…like the Hassayampa River my writing may reappear. 


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing this Julie, I have been wondering about you and your writing.

It is always exciting, anticipating where God is going to take us next.

I will be praying for you!

J-Girl said...

Thank you Julie! :)