Monday, March 4, 2013

Inspired and saying YES!

Ah, a sprinkling re-appearance on this Princess Path to write...since my last blogpost here.  It may be for a brief moment –and I will both take it and be obedient in this moment. 

I’m not walking on water with Jesus, but I am walking with Jesus and literally walking a path almost daily, praying and conversing with Him in my heart.  It is a curvy path, full of all kinds of emotions, joys and heartaches.  Like Peter I can feel bold one minute and doubt the next.

As I was in His Word this week I was encouraged to see how quickly Peter went from experiencing a spirit of boldness one moment to a spirit of doubt the next in Matthew 14 when He joined Jesus and walked on water. 

I feel bold...
in a relationship with a friend and able to be vulnerable one minute and
...then doubt the next.

I feel bold...
in my parenting decision one minute and 
...then doubt the next.

I feel bold...
with my writing and 
...then doubt the next.

Oh, how I realize that the Lord makes me bold & stouthearted. (Psalm 138:3)  And I truly have a desire deep within that I believe was born from within from Him (Psalm 37:4) to write and I truly choose to write for the purpose of making my joy complete!  (1 John 1:4)  

when tempted to doubt...
in a relationship, I will remember
...I will feel bold again.

when tempted to doubt...
in my parenting decisions, I will remember
...I will feel bold again.

when tempted to doubt...
in my writing, I will remember
...I will feel bold again.

The list goes on and on and after reading Matthew 14 with fresh eyes and a new perspective this week, I have decided ‘it is what it is’ and today I am saying Yes…because tomorrow I may say no.  
( J )

I also listened to the Girlfriendit Radio show this week titled Love and the Red Carpet and was inspired to say YES-in the least.  Their special guest was author/speaker, BethanyJett who authored the book Cinderella Rule that hits bookstore shelves next month. 

With all the princess talk to start the show, I was hooked instantly – (and I will have to either crash Patty’s next princess party or have my own…so FUN!) 

With two of my boys nearing the teenage years I so enjoyed Bethany’s list of 5 things us parents should say YES to:
1 – Phone
2 -  Facebook
3 – Car
4  - Work/Extra curricular activities
5 – Bank Account

Do you agree?  Click here to download the podcast and hear what they have to say even if you feel like saying no; I think the show is both inspiring and insightful.

I chatted with my husband about the show and even came up with some other lists of ‘What To Say Yes To.”

As I am venturing down this path of parenting a toddler again where NO is the favored word for all of us; I created this list:

5 Things To Say Yes To For Parenting My Toddler

1 – Limits
2 – Time outs (for both me and him)
3 – Exploring outside with daily walks
4 -  Quiet book reading time
5 -  Silly song time

And, with my heart to protect and pray for my marriage, I created this YES list:

5 Things to Say Yes in My Marriage

1 – Weekly Date Times (Day or Night – home or out)
2 – Weekly walks
3 – Communication Night to catch up and talk/pray/coordinate our schedules
4 – Daily prayer time before he leaves for work
5 -  Pray for my hubby daily

And inspired to continue to write for both the encouragement of my heart and others, I created this YES list:

5 Things to Say Yes To in My Writing/Career/Personal

1 – Daily Journal Time
2 – Get away for 2 hours weekly to be still/write
3 – Daily Bible reading/prayer time
4 – Exercise/walks (Yes this time clears my head and inspires me and keeps me physically healthy which also promotes good emotional/spiritual health at the same time.
5 – Jot down thoughts/words that inspire me throughout the week to have ready for God to help me compile into a writing piece to share at the end of the week.

What about you?  
What do you value?  
Are there some things that you feel nudged to say YES to?  
Let's keep going and encourage one another and be inspired.
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sweetpeonies said...

Love this Julie! I don't have any "yes" lists, but I will be praying about it and looking forward to seeing what God reveals to me :)

J-Girl said...

Thanks sweetpeonies! Isn't it just so great that our God reveals things to us-speaks to us-and just get's us better than anyone ever can get us!?!? His Word sometimes helps me put 'words' to my feelings and as you know helps me say and write YES! If you get a YES list will have to come back and share...I would love to hear about it :)

Bethany Jett said...

Can I just say - peonies are my favorite flower. Love your screen name, sweetpeonies. :)

LOVE your yes list, Julie. My boys are 2, 4, and 7, so your toddler list hit home. Great post. Mind if I share?

J-Girl said...

Hey Bethany!

Thanks for stopping by and YES! please share ;)

It's a 'Cinderella Rule' to spread the joy - right? Especially with a house full of boys :)

Off to guide the toddler 'no' and help birth a love for 'YES!" today.

Julie said...

So glad to see you said "YES" to writing this post. Just the words of inspiration I needed to read today :)