Monday, September 29, 2008

Blowing Some Kisses

This week I was swept off my feet by my Prince. I'm not talking about by husband-but by my Savior-my God. Do you feel like He is your prince charming or your knight in shining armor? Do you feel any kisses from your King? Do you grab a hold of them and let them stick and ponder the fullness of His love?
My oldest son blows me a kiss every morning when I drop him off at school and I blow him one right back; yet this morning I realized something...he does not run off after I blow my kiss; he stands there waiting to see if I catch his kiss and stick it on my cheek. He wants to make sure that I am clearly embracing his love-his thought out effort in blowing me a tender kiss. He doesn’t want to walk away until He sees that I have caught it.

In that moment I felt God whisper “Are you catching my love?”

In this world we live in with news inundated with natural disasters and economic disasters and if I can be honest...the disasters that are real to me in my own home and in the homes of those I is so easy for me to forget that I am a princess who is deeply loved. But,since admitting my old ways of disaster and accepting Jesus as my King I know I am a princess-His princess with a particular purpose regardless of the circumstances surrounding me.
We are His daughters and we are so cared for and loved beyond what we could ever imagine. In the book of Psalms alone there are 27 references of our God’s unfailing love for us…yet how often have we felt like we have either failed and lost this love or more over that someone has failed us and we don’t deserve this love…It can be so difficult to wrap our brains around this truth. We must be in the Word to hear these truths...sometimes I know I need to hear them several times a day...and so be it if I need to hear more of His love :)

Oh sweet King please keep blowing us kisses and help us to stop and catch them and place them on our cheeks—better yet engrave them on our hearts.

Will you stop and snatch the love our King has for you? Can you let God love you and then allow Him to love others through you?
Oh Lord, please help me embrace this and live this out…thank you for reminding me that you desire for your sweet kisses to stick!

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