Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My girlfriend just called and left a voice mail for me, “You are probably out and about…”

I was actually, out and about taking a walk enjoying this cooler almost Fall weather. Just prior to that I was reading and remembering the days of old…oh I mean the days of my youth. The days, when I would go for a jog; and work through my emotions—pound them out on the pavement with each stride and each breath.
I took up jogging when I was 12…I ran my first race while in 6th grade and came in first…even beat the boys in my sixth grade class…and I’ve loved to run and exercise ever since. I’m sure the early years of running, playing basketball, cheerleading and teaching aerobics have taken their toll on my knees and now my jogs are more frequently just walks or jog-walks I like to call them. My physical therapist recommended that I jog for 10 minutes and then walk for 10 minute increments to keep from re-injuring my knees.
Exercise makes me feel better and it is just a great time to process and think through things. I realize how much I think…so much that I think about thinking.
All of me cries out in the moment I realize this…STOP IT!! And I sense God is saying this too!
I feel like God has placed before me recently some big things to work through and process and I’ve come to find out that he doesn’t want me to figure it all out. He wants me to trust Him and walk with Him.
He wants me to LIVE…I sense God speaking to me and reminding me of all that He has freed me of…all the weaknesses of mine that His grace covers and tenderly speaking “Live!” Ezekiel 16 speaks of this and how tenderly God speaks to Jerusalem…and how loving He was in their unfaithfulness. Oh Lord, help me embrace Your grace and therefore be gracious to others you bring into my path.
I know I fall short…we all do! I may be desiring to run and do all I can for God…my heart yearns to serve and love Him; but all my body can with stand is 10 minute increments of jogging and walking…no marathons will be run by this servant…and yet He knows that and is telling me ever so tenderly… Live!
Oh Lord, may You help me focus on what I can do and help me not to long for what I am no longer able to do…please help me Father…help me right here and right now to…Live!

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps God is telling you to "Live" in Austin...?

Think about it:
Good schools!

Good weather!

Good friends!

Good camping!

Good jobs!

Great universities!

Great fun!

Close to the ocean! Only 3 hrs!

Only a 3 hr drive to Beth Moore!

Alright, alright. I give up. :-P