Friday, October 31, 2008


Visuals…I love to get good pictures in my mind…they help me. Visuals from God especially help me focus and further grasp what I feel the Holy Spirit is communicating to me. It energizes me and sometimes gives me what I need to keep going!!! This may seem weird; but I do sense that the Spirit—who lives inside me because I asked Jesus into my heart, prompts me at different times. Sometimes to either do or say something or sometimes it is to just make me aware of what I am thinking and stir in me to think a new thought.

I love to be out in the world, and in His creation—the beach and the mountains are the greatest places that I feel His communication. I remember this past summer hiking with my girlfriend around Couer d’Alene Lake and we were talking about how far God has brought us individually and even in our relationship. We try to talk weekly and pray with one another. We’ve shared both hard times and really great celebratory times together. While we were walking up this hill and really feeling the ‘burn’ we were amazed to see 2 deer cross our path about 20 feet in front of us…I instantly felt Habb 3:19 come to my mind and felt God speaking to me at that moment and had to agree out loud, “He is our strength—he makes our feet like the feet of a deer and enables us to go on new heights.”

I sense God is taking me higher and with that comes some extreme opposition from my flesh but also from forces that I cannot see, which I know are in opposition to God’s plan for me. Yesterday while teaching physical education to the elementary school kids I reflected back on the day and realized that what kids I remembered were the ones I already know and have a great relationship with; I also had a a few kids stick out in my mind; either the ones who were great helpers and what some may call the ‘teacher’s pet’ or I also cannot get out of my mind the ones who were defiant (there weren’t many for the 30 or so minutes I had each class) or just the class clowns with always something smart to say…the ones I couldn’t help but label ‘in need of attention.”

I thought of how God loves all of us as I thought of these kids and that it is frustrating to grow up in life being in the middle and feeling no attention is given to us and then at other times feeling relieved that there is no attention shown to us—we can get really comfortable sitting here unnoticed.

But, I felt the Spirit shifting my thinking just a bit and thinking of myself as the student and God as my teacher…where do I want to be as far as being noticed by the Teacher? He is desiring to take me on to new heights and I want to agree with a full eager heart…make me a ‘teacher’s pet’ because I desire to not be neither hot or cold…Rev 3:15-16. Give me a heart that acts regardless of what the class is doing and may my motivation always be to give You the glory…my sweet loving God…I want to climb for You!

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