Sunday, October 26, 2008

Taking The First Step

Dear God,
How have I been doing? I feel like what I have desired to do in my head and in my heart I have not been able to do with my hands. And my head feels so foggy and it seems to be seeping into other places and I need it to stop…I need some clarity. Please help me take this step to clear the fog and may I keep going regardless of outside forces.
I am referring to the act of specifically allowing time for my hands to meet the keyboard. A change of schedule sometimes makes things…well out of schedule. I have missed processing my thoughts and please forgive me if I have allowed my passion for writing to wane because of some things that have occurred or maybe because of what someone may have said or done this past week or just allowed my passion to wane because I have had two kids at home while on Fall Break.
Whether I write for the audience of one or many; I know my writing makes my joy complete and my goal is to glorify You. Thank you for empowering me to take this step today to write again; for I feel the fog has lifted.
Thank you Lord for speaking through my dear friend who had no idea I was seeing the fog…when she simply said “Sometimes it just takes the act of taking that first step to lift the fog.”
You are the reason behind my writing…thank you for calling me Yours.

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