Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tangled Lights...

Have you untangled any Christmas lights recently? I was untangling two of my son’s toys for him the other day and had trouble un-wrapping the strings that became entangled. As I was untwisting and getting my cold fingers in between the strings I thought of how twisted our thoughts can be at times and how God has quite a job in uncoiling our heart strings when they get entangled. You see as I was untangling I realized I had to focus on just one of the strings…if I crossed over and focused my attention on the other I got mixed up and lost what progress I had made in untangling the strings.

Don’t we do this in our own lives? I mean with real people whose lives cross our paths. Do we not tend to lose focus when our eyes get attracted to someone else’s string that just happens to be crossing our path? Do we tend to question ourselves or what we are doing when this happens?
I was reading in Matthew 20 about the vineyard workers and thinking about how easy it is for us to compare our wages like the vineyard workers did; or compare our toys; or compare our blessings; or compare our…you fill in the blank. It is very easy to get entangled with all kinds of wrong thinking when our focus is directed away from what God has specifically designed for us. We can so easily try to gauge our achievements by comparing our string with someone else’s string.
I think the enemy enjoys smirking as he watches us get entangled. If we are busy comparing and watching what God is doing for someone else; we totally miss out on what God has for our own lives. If we focus our attention on what someone else has done or hasn’t done to receive God’s blessing we are totally missing the point and therefore; miss the opportunity to rejoice and praise God for His specific amount of love, compassion, and grace that is allotted for each one of our hearts. Why do we think that He sometimes does not have enough to go around? Do we sometimes hold back from blessing others because we think it will take away some of our own blessing?
We cannot do anything to make God love us more or AND we cannot do anything to make God love us less. Each one of us has the opportunity to receive His free gift…He does not withhold His gifts or His blessings from anyone! He has great plans and a future full of hope for all of us…and it is no comparison!
Untangle our hearts Lord; fill us with your gifts and help us gaze our eyes on the specific task and assignment that You have specifically designed for each one of us! Help us untangle any mess that is before us and help us stay focused on our specific string…our specific assignment which You have created specifically for each one of us!
As for tangled Christmas lights…I found this link that describes how to untangle Christmas lights...hee hee…can’t believe this was online... Sometimes I wish life’s messes came with four easy steps.

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