Sunday, December 7, 2008

What about asking?

I keep thinking about this season and all of the asking we are doing. I see vivid pictures of my children and other children I see out and about in the stores and the restaurants asking for things…and my heart starts to resonate a bit with the frustrated parent I overheard threatening her children on the toy aisle yesterday, ”ENOUGH…STOP ASKING, or you won’t get anything!!!”

If we cease asking and cease giving will that settle all of this? I wish I could say that my sweet boys have never thrown a tantrum because they did not get what they wanted…I wish I could say that I have never thrown an adult-sized fit of my own when I did not get what I wanted…

Does this mean we stop asking and we teach our kids to stop asking? I realize I ask for things everyday-it doesn’t matter the season!! I come every morning presenting my requests to God and frankly, I’m going to keep asking…keep knocking and keep seeking because I think He likes it when I ask Him…and why would He want us to keep asking?

Do you think that maybe He could be changing and transforming our hearts through each moment we find that we have faith enough to ask?

Jesus said himself…”Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for?”

I just wonder…is there anything wrong with asking? No matter what the request and no matter what the answer is…

Could perhaps our persistent asking help us recognize our God at work???

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