Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Excerpt to Glorify the Reason Behind the Enthusiasm

Then while at the beach, after soaking my mind and body with some strong coffee and God's Word, I went for a run and with each foot-pound on the sand I was crying out to God with my desires and needs to be rid of the stress/emotions and just be FREE! Now, this morning as I piece together this chapter I’m not at the beach…it’s rather poetic that the rain is coming down with the window next to me fogged up and scattered with rain droplets. A concerto of rain droplets seem to be gathering on the rooftop—and just hours earlier I spent time reading and praying for a dear sweet friend who is walking through her own dark valley of chemotherapy this morning... JOEY I LOVE YOU!!!
I know the situation and hurt that I was experiencing before I walked on the beach with God that Spring day was not uncommon to any man and it was not something that would make the evening news—but it surely brought stress and emotions up inside of me that resonated with a time when my situation actually did make the evening news. Tragedy is tragedy no matter how you look at it.
And what a tragedy it is if we think that in our pain that God has left us…during the dark moments of this life I have learned to cling to what the Lord says in Isaiah 49:15…”I will not forget you!” In life’s busy moments it is so easy to go day-to-day and moment-by-moment and not realize that God is with us. For me it was not something that I grew up learning about and that makes me sad. Yet, for me—I have sensed something deep within me wondering and dreaming about an ALL Powerful God. I can remember being a young girl staring out the window on a lazy Spring day watching the clouds roll through and somewhere deep within me the words rose up “Why am I here? What am I here for?” I was just a normal kid and that moment where I pondered those words and even questioned where they came from—surely those words were not mine…but that memory is etched in my mind. I grew up never realizing that God was teaching me and leading me with cords of human kindness and ties of love. (Hos 11:4) And this I know is true—He does not just do this for me…I so desire for all to realize God’s healing hand in their life and may we take the time to celebrate these moments and honor God.
*I would love to hear about God’s healing hand in your life; please take the time to honor God and share this with me by posting a comment on my blog at or email me via Facebook and I can post your story anonymously and maybe even quote you in my book ;-)
*Maybe you don't like to write but you paint like my friend (she painted the picture I posted above)...please share as you feel compelled to, in whatever way God leads you to share. Maybe a scripture or two that you have clung to during a past valley.
And my dear friends, if the rain is coming down in your life like it is literally in mine; and you are needing encouraging prayers to lift you up in a current dark valley; please don't be afraid to share that with me as well. I will pray for you and remind you and point out to you that God is with you; just as my girlfriend who is miles away reminded me this morning when I was sad that I was not there to hold her hand...I cherish her text "You r here. I hold you in my heart!"
God, thank you for carrying us in your heart!