Thursday, March 18, 2010

Intimacy in the Dark Valleys

Intimacy in the dark valleys…is it possible? It’s Spring Break a time of rest and relaxation and I’m pondering the words penned by the Psalmist David and reflecting on previous dark valleys in my life. I’ve been quiet and have not posted much on my blog with time spent with my kiddos and only writting bits and pieces between me and God these past couple of weeks.
Right now I'm stuck on what is slotted as Chapter 7 of the book I’ve been inspired to write. Stuck for various reasons and I’ve been through more Kleenex than I want to admit as I write and rewrite.
I just can’t deny my God’s hand on my life…especially during the writing of this book. I got a phone call the other night from a dear sweet friend—she is like a sister to me and although miles separate us; we have never stopped connecting through phone calls and prayers and I treasure the vacations our families have spent together through the years. She just happens to be one of the first to encourage me to write and follow the Lord’s promptings to write this book…I want to be careful in not sharing too much of her story for her own privacy…but my dear sweet sister is facing her own dark valley right now and my thoughts and prayers are beyond overwhelming for her during this time and I am finding it so hard to see joy through my tears.
I’m yielding to the One who knows all things and has the power to do all things…my Lord I trust you during this dark time where my heart aches for my sweet sister. I praise you Father for somehow there is still a glimmer of faith, hope and love in my heart because I know You have accomplished all that consumes this heart of mine in this current dark valley…I SHOUT praises of You MY LORD even through these tears. (Psalm 138:8 NAS)