Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Smile BIG!

{Deep Breath} A breath of fresh air! It seems like so long since I’ve been able to really sit down to have time to reflect and write. I am resisting writing out again all the little things that have been happening recently in my life (mostly not to bore myself again) which have kept me from this moment and choosing to rejoice that I am here!
Alleluia! I’m feeling refreshed, partly because of my nice walk in the sunshine, partly because of the reading I did while lying in our hammock; but mostly because of the encouragement I read in God’s Word today and the dots He guided me to and helped me connect along the way. He surely has been guiding me to paths of righteousness because He loves me; (Psalm 43:3-4) and I write with excitement knowing that He does the same for all of us and I hope that my writing will help someone notice His love.
While lying in the hammock I realized that I haven’t swept the patio since our last rain storm; God reminded me that it was okay; that He had not done any cleaning up yet either…for the puddles were still there and stuck to the concrete was damp dirt and wet leaves. Somehow I seemed to hear God whisper that things are just the way they need to be. Will you embrace it? Will you let it be?
Tears began to well up in my eyes because I know I did not have the next memory flash before me without pure sweet intentions from my God. Just this morning I noticed a little girl on her Daddy’s shoulders walking towards the school in our neighborhood. I realized that this was a scene I actually had seen often; but my eyes were drawn to them and in particular to the Dad’s great BIG smile.
At that moment I was interrupted by a conversation between my boys on the way to school; but later that afternoon while resting in my hammock above the ground where God clearly had left some leaves to stick He also left a picture in my mind to stick.
I am loved! I am cherished! My Daddy desires to lift me up on His great big shoulders and show anyone willing to notice…I love her…look at her…she is mine!
I recognized as I could not stop the flow of tears that I have no problem telling the world about my Daddy…for I am one proud daughter of a King…but I am not used to embracing the love and being lifted up with my Daddy smiling proud. Complex thought I know…
The only way I know how to relate to this love is remembering being a little girl resting on my dad’s 6’4” shoulders and it was scary…so scary being so high off of the ground and frankly my dad scared me in numerous other ways…I know he loved me; but he also hurt me. I forgive my dad…I do; the Holy Spirit has filled me with forgiveness and love for him that I never knew existed and now…
I know that my Heavenly Father desires for me to embrace Him and His love like nothing else I’ve ever known! He has great plans for me…great plans like resting on His shoulders while He smiles BIG!
Oh, Father, please help me embrace this love and let me rest on your shoulders for all eternity…enjoying every single moment of it! I will forever show you off to the world and as you see fit place me on your shoulders so that You may smile BIG!