Friday, August 24, 2012


Recently I was asked and challenged to think about what energizes me? 

I chatted with a group of amazing women from various age groups and women who quite frankly I am humbled to be in the same room with; for they are high-profile, astounding women of leadership in my community.   We discussed the various things that energize us.  Things like the following were mentioned:
*Time in God’s Word and prayer
*Being around and talking with encouraging women
*Knowing without a doubt that God used us to speak truth into someone’s life
*Being around energizing people

Those are just a few and we also talked about the things that drain us; and I think it might drain me to type those right now…so I am going to move on.-ha!

Okay, it is important to be aware of what drains us so that we can keep the balance:

*Tough/emotional situations
*Lack of support

The point being that women who inspire others do a good job of balancing their ‘fills’ and ‘drains.’ 

So what drains you and energizes you? Are you making sure activities of both are in your day to keep balance?

Cathi Herrod, President of Center of Arizona Policy suggested we find out and make sure to make time for that in our day.  I was so encouraged listening to her talk and share her story as well as the highs and lows of being a woman of influence. 

I am passionate about being around healthy women and I want to be better at encouraging/inspiring healthy behavior in others.  You know when you see a woman paralyzed with fear or a heart lacking forgiveness; a healthy heart seeking God notices and desires to help bring about healing and change. 
 Don't you agree?

This reminds me of the book Mending the Soul and in it Dr. Stephen Tracy highlights the meaning of spiritual abuse and the fact that spiritual abuse is dangerous, in that it can cause people to distrust their own emotions and convictions. 

“…every individual believer has the Holy Spirit and has direct access to God 
(Romans 14:4-5, 1 John 2:27).  
Thus, every believer has a right to discern the will of God through the Scriptures and the leading of the Spirit without needing a human “priest” to intercede to God for him or her.”   
(Mending the Soul, pg. 32).

Sometimes even well meaning Christians step over this line and things like this are communicated.  How can we stop this?  What can we do about it?  Why is this important?

I am asking myself these questions and pondering God’s plan for me, seeking Him in His Word and praying….AND keeping it my focus to be around gals like Patty and Lisa who are following their own calling to empower women like me and you.  They rally us to do the remarkable by providing resources and relationships.  Do you listen to their radio show?  Check it out here.  They are two of the most healthiest women I know.

What do you think? What thoughts have stirred you and your heart? 

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