Monday, March 11, 2013

Seize and Squeeze!

“Seize & Squeeze!”
These words made me smile and stuck to my heart as I heard Lisa mention them on a recent Girlfriendit Radio Show!  You can listen to the podcast here while I take another tissue-ha!  *No I am not crying, seizing or squeezing…I’m sneezing!

It seems I have been grabbing one tissue after another while I sneeze my way through the day during this allergy season.

Do you suffer from allergies? 

How do you cope? 

From over the counter, prescriptions and natural remedies; there are so many choices, aren’t there? 

Patty and Lisa talked so much about choices on a recent show and shared 4 Simple Tips on how to make wise choices. I blogged about it and you can see it here.

I am pondering this idea of choosing.  We really have so many choices in this life and I believe God allows such wide open places for our choosing; yet at the same time there are things He desires for us to stay away from.   I recently chatted with a girlfriend who is weary in her current circumstances…can you relate to feelings of weariness?  I can.  Life is hard.

As I studied earlier…opening up my new study on Ruth by Kelly Minter….so great!!!!
This sentence jumped off the page. 
What will you choose?  Perhaps the Lord has you in a difficult circumstance and the attractive land of Moab is an alluring decision away.  Escaping to easier terrain is all too tempting when we’re weary in hardship.” (page 14)

Minter led us to read in Judges 2:11-19 and the question arose between her girlfriends and I am so curious what others may think about this too.  

Do you think God still works like this today? 

I so would love to know your thoughts…and what scriptures support those precious thoughts?? 

Will you seize this moment with me and squeeze some fresh moments from the scriptures with me this morning?  I so appreciate your willingness to share and allow us to learn from each other here.   
(Oh, and your tips for coping with allergies - please share those too.)

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