Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Uncomfortable and ROCKIN IT!

“If you are uncomfortable, it means you are growing.”  I heard these words listening to the latest Girlfriendit Radio podcast.  You can listen here.

Being a visual person, I went straight to a row of pruned shrubs I saw while driving through my neighborhood.  I kind of feel like this pruned shrub, feeling a little bare-like something is missing and a little sensitive too. 

Do you ever feel that way? 

It’s funny that Patty and Lisa also talked about kayaking as I just got done taking the kayaks out under the moon with my husband and middle son.  It was my boys first time being in charge of the paddles and rowing himself across the lake.  He was excited but I could tell he was also a little nervous. 

Can you relate to being a little nervous and excited to try something new? 

Then my boy spoke what I already knew: "I’m excited and I want to do this mom, but I am a little scared."

I couldn’t help but say, “Right on!” 

Hmmm....isn't this how it is with God, He already knows how we feel; but He sure loves to hear us communicate with Him...and doesn't He just rejoice over us with 'RIGHT ONS' when we do?!?

This is what life is about, capitalizing on moments like this and walking through something a little scary with those who love us by our side. 

My boy surely rocked it and we made it across the lake for an ice cream treat and then paddled back home.  We ROCKED IT!

Like my boy, I can relate to venturing out into unchartered waters and being a little scared.   I have a core group of girlfriends that God has brought us together to pray with and encourage one another…and God has now sent us in several different directions. 

We started out with our kids going to the same school and playing on the same sports teams, some of our husbands even played sports together; as well as serving at the same church and being involved in the same Bible Study and working together on various different projects.

Life was and still is good…it is just new and different; and I have to admit I am a little uncomfortable and have been these last two years as I venture out to do new things – still connected with these girls…just different being miles away.

I realize now after processing so many emotions with this change…change is uncomfortable.  But I am growing…hallelujah! 

Are you doing anything new lately?   Are you uncomfortable?

I recently grabbed my pen and journal and processed through some uncomfortable emotions with God and grew.  Have you ever done this?

Wrote in your journal:

Lord I am feeling……(write out your thoughts and feelings—remembering that God does not want us to have the ‘right feelings or thoughts’ He simply wants our hearts.)

(Insert your name)….(hold that pen until you hear God’s specific words to you and write them down)

If you are uncomfortable, remember…you are growing! 
Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. (Psalm 62:8)

Check out this blog here at Girlfriendit too with a little more talk about walking with Him outside our comfort zones...and get out of your comfort zone and share something new you are doing right can do it!  Go on...ROCK IT!

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