Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 3 Of Purpose Driven Life

Today Rick Warren discusses the forces that can drive our life and then also discusses the benefits of Purpose-Driven Living. He highlights that living a purpose-driven life gives meaning to our lives, simplifies our lives, focuses our lives, motivates our lives, and prepares us for eternity.

Yesterday morning while driving to school I was thinking of eternity and preparing my sons for a life devoted to God; as I felt God draw my eyes to the beautiful San Tan mountains which are right by my boys’ school. The sun was just rising enough to shine on the mountains to the west and I noticed some of the peaks in the shadows.

I remember reading in Isaiah 25 about the taking refuge in the shadow of the clouds and further in verse 10; “The hand of the Lord will rest on the mountain.” I just love picturing God’s loving hands on me. I came back to this visual…this mental snapshot that I took in my mind of the mountains and referenced it throughout the day yesterday.

I read in Ecc 3 about there being a time for everything and thought about how early in my faith God brought wiser—more learned Christians into my life to surround me and pray over me and I kind of took shelter in their shadows. But there was a time when God had for me to step away a bit and when I understood a little more of His deep love for me personally; I was able to move just enough away from my sister mountain and feel the warmth of His love shine directly on me.
My heart is curious and yearns to be close to my God, my heart cried out to God and was praising Him yesterday morning. And here I am again praising Him and reflecting on the gentle reminders of His love that He continually puts before me. He has wired me to think this way and to yearn for time with Him. He has set specific times for me to seek shelter in the shadows and stand shoulder to shoulder with other believing children of God and He has also set a specific time for me to step out and feel rays of His love shine on me directly. It’s not about me or anyone else being in the spotlight…this is a place only for Him…but a time for each one of us to realize that He wants to speak to us directly.

This has made me think of not only the loving people who have and still stand shoulder to shoulder with me…but also makes me aware of encouraging those around me to rise above and feel the sun themselves…there will be a time soon when we are all removed from the shadows just like the noon sun shines on a clear day.

The point to ponder today is, “What would my family and friends say is the driving force of my life? What do I want it to be? My soul cries out, “Preparing for eternity!!!” Oh His love fills my heart again and again-leaving me yearning for more!! Please grant me perfect peace as I seek to have an attitude that is focused on You and Your plan for me and choosing to trust in You, my Lord! (Isaiah 26:3).

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