Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 6 of Living on Purpose-Life is fleeting like the smell of smoke in my hair!

Last night Justin and I sat by the fire pit at a popular restaurant here in Queen Creek and we enjoyed our time together as the smoke billowed around us. The smell of the smoke was still permeating through my hair as I read Chapter 6 of Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Life.” The first paragraph talks about the various metaphors of our life and one is described as a wisp of smoke. The idea is that it is short and unless we seek God for the meaning and purpose we could end up saying what Job said, “I hate this life! Who needs any more of this? Let me alone! There's nothing to my life - it's nothing but smoke.” Job 7:16 in the Message.

I’m pretty disgusted right now with this smoke smell in my hair and I know last night it was pretty bothersome getting into Justin’s eyes at times and I know there are times when the difficulties of this life break my heart and there is a desire to cry out like Job did in his lifetime.

However, praise God for His Word full of promises and fresh new perspective on our lives. And praise God for the gifts He has blessed Rick Warren and my pastor with in seeing the importance of this culture understanding our individual unique purpose in this life that is quickly fleeting.

Today’s message from Rick Warren recaps that our lives are a test, a trust and also a temporary assignment. When my focus is on this truth of our time being so short on earth it is easier to understand why we experience difficulties, heartaches and rejections from time to time.
This is not our home and it takes faith to live here as an outsider and it is important to keep this perspective so that when we feel longings in our heart and struggle with feelings of discontentment, or dissatisfaction it will not take us by so much surprise.

I don’t know about you…but I like knowing that I was created for something better than what is on this earth!! I pray that my mind will never run down the wrong path and make what Rick Warren identifies as a fatal mistake…the abundant life found in knowing Him has nothing to do with material prosperity, popular success…and that my faithfulness to God does not guarantee success in my career, my family, my relationships or even my ministry—I don’t get paid for my ministry…but I do feel God has given me my own ministry…I do choose to live for Him and take on assignments for Him daily!

Lord, please help me to keep my focus on heaven and time with You for eternity; help me not to focus on anything in this world- which is only temporary like this smoke smell in my hair!!

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