Thursday, March 5, 2009

Amazing Yucca!

God was proving a point to me today. I’ve been chewing on some thoughts about grace these past weeks and I have a feeling I will be basking in more of God’s infinite grace these next coming weeks. (Because His grace is not limited you know!!!) I have grasped the fact that God acted out His amazing extravagant love and grace when He conquered the grave and saved all sinners. In addition to knowing this, I feel a desire deep within my soul to dig deeper…how does this permeate and effect my soul and my daily journey in this life for Him.

While walking today my eyes were drawn to some birds flying around and parading about some yucca plants. I immediately felt a tug in my soul to pay attention and my eyes were drawn to the plants. They each were different; some with the stems growing 2-3 feet out of the plant and others with nothing! I was so intrigued! Even though growing up here in the desert they are everywhere; I just never really paid much attention to them.

Okay, I’ll admit I was more than intrigued…I was “geeking out” over this and went home to research the Yucca plant. Did you know this plant depends on something to grow and blossom??? Oh ya!!! There is such a thing as a Yucca moth and if it does not do “its thing’ there is no Yucca blossom!!!

Just the same…if I don’t surrender and let God do His thing in me…I don’t grow and blossom! And you too…you won’t grow and blossom if you don’t surrender and let God do what only He can do in your heart and life too!

Now, God I know has lots to do in this world…there are a lot of hurting people out there; but He took the time to help me grasp a picture of His grace….praise you Father, and may I never lose sight of my need for you—NEVER!!!

Thank you for not asking us to meet any of your requirements on our own. Thank you that when You command us, you also enable us and provide the way!

God knows that I and you cannot have humble, obedient journeys on our own; so He provided a way for us to ultimately be with Him but to also live like Him…hence His wonderful, magnificent provision of grace. Oh, there is joy and great beauty in recognizing all of my frailties and relying on God to fill in every wide gap of mine!

Like the Yucca plant I will wait on God’s provision to bloom. And take each moment as an opportunity to surrender and allow God’s grace to shine!

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