Thursday, October 21, 2010

Remember When...

I forgot something important the other day. At a time when I was younger I would have had to run home to do what I forgot to do…or my day would have been ruined for sure.

Not sure what to think of the fact that I felt more inclined to keep going than risk being late.

My forgetfulness was not something that would cause great upset for anyone else. It definitely was not going to disrupt anyone else’s day on the planet nor keep the earth from spinning in orbit as usual.

Still…forgetting to brush my teeth is pretty profound. Can I blame it on pregnancy?

It was well into the afternoon and I was out of the house and a sense of panic came over me.
My anxiety was quickly replaced with laughter as I pictured God allowing me to forget to brush my teeth.
He often reminds me of a lot of things…don’t forget to write that note to your little guys or call that girlfriend or send that text to your hubby…certainly He had purpose in allowing me to forget to brush my teeth.

Was this a funny way to remind me of what’s ahead with a newborn again?

I remember being a brand new mom a decade ago and there were days when jumping in the shower or grabbing my toothbrush was not even possible until I was ready to get into my jammies for the evening…only to realize that I never got out of them all day.
Please tell me that some other mother out there can relate.
As I was driving fully aware of the fuzz on my teeth and anticipating a run into my children’s school to excuse them for doctor’s appointments I was distracted by the DJ on the radio. She mentioned something about a good way to show love and appreciation to someone is to say
“I remember when…” and then share a memorable moment you had with them.
She explained that this was a good way to communicate that you genuinely care about someone…your spouse, a co-worker, a friend, a family member.
The idea was to communicate that you care about them and appreciate them and you remember the moments you shared together.
Really, haven’t we all at times gotten caught up in our own busyness that we forget to make deposits into the relationships that brighten our lives everyday? Speaking words of love can so easily be silenced and forgotten in this fast-paced, social-media-soaked world.

I had to chuckle to myself again thinking that a great way to show love to those around me would be to surely remember to brush my teeth. (tee...hee...)

Because there was no time to run home, I ingested a few mints and kept a safe distance as I talked with those beloved people I ran into at the school, the doctor’s office and the grocery store before I made it back home for a good brushing.
This idea of remembering is sticking with me; as I know that God calls us to remember. I actually found that the word: remember is in the Bible 162 times and the truth of Psalm 143:5 resonated in my heart….
The words of the Psalmist David speaking to God,
I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.”
May we start our days communicating our love…telling God that we remember when…
Oh, and remembering to brush is always good too.

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