Monday, October 25, 2010

Victorious Movements

Wiggle, swoop, jab are the seemingly constant joyful movements occurring inside of me these days—and I LOVE IT!!

The motions remind me of the life God is growing inside of me and who cannot get excited about that. It naturally reminds me that everything is okay and progressing along as it should.

This pregnancy has also made me aware of how easily I can run down roads of anxiety and worry in my mind. Fearful of what might happen, and all too aware that I am ultimately not in control of this life.

I recognize that there are all too many things in this life that can happen causing the tides around me to rise. Causing me to fear and be anxious. Thoughts like these leave me feeling defeated at the end of the day.

God calls us to live differently.

I love what Psalm 44:4 says that God decrees, “VICTORIES!”

I’m choosing to remember this and when I sense worry or anxiousness rise up inside of me. This week I want to focus on laying down the anxious thought and grab onto His decree of VICTORY!

I’ve seen how quickly time flies by; with my oldest boys approaching 8 and 10 and my 15th wedding anniversary approaching next summer.

I do not want to waste one more minute doubting…one more minute fearful of what might happen.

I want to live every moment victorious in Christ.

I’m taking on the challenge, aware of the choices I need to make and also aware that there will be moments that I will fail and fall flat on my face…yet again. Just like, I did yesterday when I succumbed to the stress after my misjudgment of time and made my family late and the poor attitude of one of my adolescent boys sent a bit of rage erupting inside of me.

Oh, I hate it when I lose my cool and allow the waves around to sink this valiant vessel God created me to be.

Rather than get down and dwell on the past moment, I’m going to remember what God has decreed and know that He is here to help me.

Just as little Jacob stirs and jostles inside of me—so is God moving and grooving to the beat of His eternal drum!

For, it is God who is working in me…and I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.
(Phil 2:13 & 4:13).

May we encourage each other to make the minutes of our day victorious!

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