Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Water Balloons in October?

I opened my front door this morning to see little guy’s bright eyes and adorable smile beaming with delight. He was proudly gripping a water balloon and the sun was just coming up beckoning him and the rest of the neighborhood kids to trot off to school.

Not knowing whether I or my own two boys needed to dunk, I just smiled back at him as I felt the cool Fall breeze against my face.
I felt God whisper to the recesses of my heart...
”Oh, don’t all of my children desire to hold on to something as I bring about change.”
My mind drifted to my heart’s cry earlier that morning beckoning me to embrace some change going on in my own home and heart. In addition, the wrestling match I had with one of my boys’ who desired to wear one of his favorite shirts that was clearly now too small for his sprouting frame.

We all have growth spurts from time to time. Are you in one now?

Don’t we sometimes desire to hold onto a season just a little bit longer?

What is God calling you to let go of today?
What does God want to clothe you with in this new season?
Is it time for swim trunks and water balloons or jackets and sweaters?
Do you need to lay down the water balloon and grab a hold of your sweater?
I am asking myself these questions this morning.
I’m ready girlfriend. Are you?
I'll see you girlfriend bundled up and ready to embrace this change…this new season.
For even if it doesn’t seem like it and even if our hearts desire to hold onto something good… God is surely bringing us to a place of abundance. (Psalm 66:12).
Even if it doesn’t quite feel like it yet...let's embrace the truth!
Let’s run with the new Fall breeze.

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