Friday, December 16, 2011


This morning I woke up and could not wait see my birthday boy break through this!

 A girlfriend pointed me here for the idea. 

We are celebrating him today and just got home from bringing his class donuts and later his favorite lunch "Taco Bell" at school!

As I think about making the day special and fun today for my son, I am also thinking about the balance of sharing what I do for FUN!  I do not desire to boast or brag--or say, "Look what I am doing..."  But truly my heart is to encourage FUN!

I am very aware, that my heart is able to go down the envy road just like anyone else's and I definitely don't want to breed such emptiness--I do believe there is something healthy in us sharing and encouraging FUN! 

As a child, I have to say--the FUN department was lacking a bit in my home--and no fault to those around me; I just realize now that God's love is inside of me and there is a happy heart churning inside of me to enjoy life and have FUN! 

My other son, who is NOT celebrating his birthday today reminded me this morning maybe just a little speck of why God has wired us for this?  Why have FUN...why make the effort?

My son woke up and was at a crossroad...literally in the hallway this morning and seeing the streamers decorated for his brother, he could have chosen to frown and think or say, "I want that!"
(I know we've all been there.)

The first thing out of his mouth after screaming, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' to his brother was..."I love our family...we have FUN!" 

"I had fun with Mom."
"YAY! Dad's home!"
He not only said it this morning, but wrote it on  Dad's 'welcome home' banner we made last night for Dad as we welcomed him home from a week long business trip.

OH, it feels good to have everyone home...I'm ready to have some FUN with my family this weekend.  Life is full of both up and down moments and I'm going to squeeze out every drop of FUN AND LOVE in my days!

What do you do to celebrate with your family?  Hope my sharing just spurs you on to keep it up and squeeze out the FUN in your day! 

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