Monday, December 19, 2011

Show Me Jesus

It’s Meet Jesus Monday and I can’t help but think about Jesus’ birthday coming up this week.
There were just plain folk like you and me during Jesus’ day, who were beckoned and prepared to visit Jesus for the first time as a newborn baby in a stable.  Luke 2 describes the shepherds living out in the fields nearby watching their flocks when an angel of the Lord appeared to them and told them what to expect and the shepherds set off to Bethlehem to meet Jesus. 
Something in me thinks we are given lots of angel visits like these Shepherds to prepare for meeting Jesus; but we are often just too busy to hear or see them and thus fail to take them in.

—more on this another time.

Luke 2:17 struck my heart and I realize that this truth has become a blazing spark in my efforts to love.  Is love effortless?  Do you feel urges to love and give come from out of nowhere at times?  Or is just the idea of loving and giving exhausting to you?  I myself have experienced it all.  Sometimes I even admit loving to receive love—Jesus calls us to love something different and you will recognize the difference but most importantly, others will recognize the difference. 
Will you join me this week? 

Can we meet Jesus this week and will you say to Him, “Please show me how to love better.” 

You can also go here and download free at iTunes the latest show from Girlfriendit Radio titled “Men of Honor,” which aired last week.  It’s not just for men…but us women can learn to walk like Jesus too.
 As I type these thoughts it’s as if the sun is shining brighter and brighter in my living room-oh, how the stars must have been doing the same that Christmas night when Jesus was born! 

When the shepherds had seen Jesus, verse 17 says, “They spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child.” 
Isn’t that what we do…when we meet Jesus and receive His love—we can’t help but share what we’ve received with others?!?! 

I read this blog this week too and it might stir your heart like it did mine.  May we encourage each other to run to Him this week—this season! 
May we increase our understanding, our knowledge of who Jesus is—receive His gifts of love and mercy. 

Then…then, we may just begin to understand and know Jesus a little better. 
I am always looking for great blogs/books and teachers to follow, please feel free to share your favorites that point you to understanding Jesus better...Share your comments below!

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