Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Meeting on Love

Praise the LORD!  It really didn't take long for my hubby to fix up my hard drive and I'm back up and writing!  (I was expecting it to take longer..but God surprised me in a number of ways!)

 Today's post is a little taste of my meetings with Him last week...grab your favorite cup of the season and take a short walk with me.  I pray your heart will be smiling at the end :)

I read somewhere, either in one of the three books I am reading, or a blog, or a Facebook post, that stress is a choice!  I had to chew on that for awhile and realized that yes indeed it is a choice!  There are all kinds of things that the enemy tries to use to rob us of peace and he loves to see us stressed out and running after different things distracted from the Prince of Peace. 

It is hard not to be busy this time of year, isn't it?  We have two birthdays in our house on top of Jesus' this month and it is hard not to get lost in my to do list and how I "want" things to turn out.  Even with the best of intentions of making this season wonderful and meaningful and full of love--I can so easily miss the boat and my vessel of love can sink in an instant.  God's timing of reminding me of this is impeccable...He spoke to my heart and as I type I am knee deep in stuff getting ready for my boys' birthday celebrations, finishing school projects, decorating, wrapping, cleaning...the list goes on.

So what do we do?  We must ask Him to help us and...


I woke up this morning and these words rang in my head and the verse Jer 31:33 which I read that night came back to my mind.  It says that God writes on our hearts...His truths--His love!  We must spend time allowing Him to do this and REMEMBERING Jesus throughout the day!  Yes, the quiet times, the Bible studying, the memorizing of scripture all benefit us, but I've found that I need to open my heart and look for Him throughout the day in my everyday surroundings to see and hear God speaking to's like getting texts, emails and phone calls from Him throughout the day. 

Even with the hustle and bustle of the season and days with to do lists much to long, I noticed there are still plenty of opportunities to hear Him speak to us.   Have you attended any Christmas programs yet?  This one here is one of my bestie's daughter performing "Seasons of Love."  While watching this live, I felt God speak to me again the meaning of this season, "We must first receive His love--receive Love--receive Him for He is Love and then, only then can we truly love."
Go here to see video I posted on Facebook.
My own boy had his first band concert last week and as I watched him dressed in his finest playing proudly "Hot Cross Buns" and a number of other beginning songs his smile on stage melted my heart and I heard God whisper,"As beginner's you have the opportunity to shine for Me--you may be playing little notes and you may mess up these littlest notes, but your efforts do not go unnoticed...I see and use EVERYTHING!"
Joshua playing trumpet in his first band performance.

As I watched my youngest boy crawl over to the sofa and pull down every bit of laundry that I just folded and my heart partly frustrated because my work would have to be re-done but some how all I could do was smile and take a picture of him in the mound of laundry, I heard God whisper, "When you have gotten your hands in and messed things up in the past, this is how my heart feels about you." 
Jacob helping with laundry.
As I watch him take off finding every obstacle he can in the house to crawl through just for fun, I hear God whisper, "You have learned so much and grown closer to me through each obstacle you have had to climb over with me."
Jacob overcoming obstacles.
With my boy's determination to hold and love on my friend's little guy while I took care of him for the day, I heard Him whisper, "You were wired for love just as JD can't help but love this little guy he just met, you can't help but love those I bring into your path." 
JD with our new friend Cruz.
So who has God put in your path to love?  Sometimes I know it can be overwhelming to think about loving all of those dear to us...especially if we do it from our own strength and if we think we have to do something BIG or be perfect at it. As I prepare my heart, I hear God whisper, "Be willing...I will show you...we will keep it simple."

I realized this week that I felt the most loved through whispers I was still enough to hear.  My family this week is getting ready to celebrate two of the most precious gifts in our lives but we are also going to focus on loving those around us.  I will post more about this later...

What are some simple ways that you are choosing to let your love overflow this week?  Please share with us--not in a way to boast of course, but there is something healthy and contagious when we give each other ideas and permission to simply listen and love! 

I'm encouraging girlfriends here to post their ideas and pictures.  Join us as we encourage each other to meet with Jesus and love this week. Sunlight pours from His face (Matt 17:2)...let's seek His face this season; for someone is bound to see Him radiating from you and thus meet Him too!

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