Thursday, December 22, 2011


Another last minute gift that I decided to box up and place under the tree!  I know what you’re thinking—not another thing to add—really?   
It’s simple—cost me nothing...

On my morning walk I was mulling over what I had read in God’s Word and in this blog post that I read earlier.  While walking I was reminded of God's whisper to me earlier in the week and I’m planning on posting next week about God’s whisper—be looking next week here and be looking for Him to speak to you during these next few days...He loves us so much!
With my heart desiring to keep the focus on Him this season, I've also read about things to do with my kids to help keep God the focus and I’ll admit some ideas are just not for me—some are just a little TOO MUCH as I strive for balance in desiring to instill the meaning of this season.   I don’t want my children to be pious, gimme brats—but I don’t want them to miss the point of RECEIVING God’s love either.

I'm not great at this but I'm always trying to do better--as a family we are behind on our advent devotions because of busyness, but I'm not throwing in the towel yet!

With God’s help, I want to love on my kiddos this season, everyday actually—praying and talking about Jesus and asking God to fill their precious hearts and protect them from being jaded or legalistic about love but to truly become vessels of His love and I just feel the best way is for them to be loved first!  How I love them will shape their ideas of God's love.
I love this idea and that’s why I'm sharing it…it’s a simple empty box—with 3 note cards with scriptures on them for us to open, read and pray over on Christmas Eve when the boys also open their brand new jammies J  A tradition every year so they have new jammies to wear for Christmas morning. 

We will unwrap the presence of God the night before we unwrap the rest of the presents! 
We will thank Him for guiding us this past year and literally breathing life into us and ask Him to continually fill our hearts with His love. 
So how are you going to unwrap His presence this season? 

There is still plenty of time and I love to hear your ideas!

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